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Welcome to American Tungsten, the Internet's number one destination for specialty contemporary jewelry and men’s wedding bands. Featuring a wide variety of styles and colors, we have everything you need to look as stylish as the finest metal on Earth.


Tungsten Carbide, our signature material, is an incredible and often underrated metal that is as durable as it is beautiful. 4 times harder than even Titanium itself, Tungsten Carbide can be molded to fit any shape and is as beautiful as gold when polished to absolute perfection. These men’s fashion rings will last you forever and will take years before they even begin to lose any slight spec of their glamour.


Inspired by our Southern California origins, our Tungsten rings are proud to represent an elegant yet comfortable style. Classy like a diamond and colorful like a gemstone, our rings and non-traditional wedding bangs are the thing to get for either yourself or as a gift for a best friend or trusted associate. Women can also give out these rings to their current or future husband as a gift they’ll truly appreciate.


We feature an enormous selection of colors and styles as well as creative combinations with other materials such as gold and ceramic for absolutely stunning designs! Our men’s fashion rings catalog includes everything from gunmetal classics to green Celtic inspired marvels! Our Tungsten rings are sure to blow the competition out of the mine-shaft, so to speak. And if you’re interested, we can also engrave them in to feature any name or message you’d like so you can truly make these rings and wedding bands your own.


Start browsing and order now to see the beauty of our stylish American Tungsten rings for yourself! All our products are available at great prices and are backed with our excellent customer care and craftsmanship.


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