15 Different Types of Stones for Wedding Rings

If you are planning on designing your own wedding ring, there is much more choice than just traditional diamonds. Although you may still want to go for a diamond, if your price range does not allow it, there is plenty of choice out there. Here are 15 different types of stones that you can use in your wedding ring.


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but for those a little more gothic, onyx may be the better choice. Traditionally found in its natural form of black, onyx is a great alternative for those looking to show their darker side. A black stone is a way to be stand out and is a classic look. You could even pair this with black diamonds for a completely unique look.

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This stone, when well-cut is perfectly dazzling. A stunning pale blue colour, they can look expensive although they are not. Aquamarine is known as a lucky stone, so for the superstitious, this may be a great wedding ring choice. This stone is also quite hardy, meaning it is a great option to last the wear and tear that a wedding ring will go through.


If you want your wedding ring to stand out, you may want to choose one with a purple stone. Also, a great choice if purple is your favourite colour, when well cut this stone can look stunning on a wedding ring. It is a very durable stone and is much cheaper than a diamond. You may want to set the stone with other colours to give a unique look and if you are a fan of rose gold, amethyst is a perfect stone to set on a rose gold wedding band.


he birthstone of September, this blue gemstone can also come in many hues such as white, green and pink. Sapphires are a very hard mineral and only slightly less durable than diamonds, meaning they are a perfect alternative for a wedding ring. A white sapphire can also look much like a diamond. Although a little less sparkly, they cost much less, meaning you can get a bigger stone for a lesser price.

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A truly romantic stone, this pretty pale pink gemstone is perfect for a wedding ring. It looks amazing on its own or surrounded in a halo of small diamonds. This stone is one of the most popular up and coming alternatives to diamond. These can be a little more on the expensive scale, but if you are looking for something different than diamonds they are a great purchase.


This is a much more alternative and trendy stone if you are really looking for something a little less traditional. This stone can come in a bright blue colour as well as being a little paler, with flecks of copper and aluminium shining through.


Emerald is a beautiful green stone and perfect for nature lovers or those born in May, as this is the birthstone for May babies. Emeralds were very popular in the past and if you are a lover of all things retro, they could be the perfect choice of stone for you, especially when set on a modern ring with other stones.


If you are looking for the traditional look, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds can be expensive, but you may be able to find them cheaper if you shop around or look for a lesser carat size. There are many tips and tricks to finding diamonds for less, and as they are strong they can last a life time. If you want to dazzle with the ring on your finger, diamonds are the way to do so.

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If you are a fan of all things red, garnets are a beautiful alternative to diamonds, or as a set with small diamonds. Garnet is quite an antique stone and will look timeless and chic in any wedding ring. Not quite as hard as rubies, but at a lesser price, this is a gorgeous choice for the more traditional bride.

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If you are dying to have a diamond wedding ring but you cannot afford the price, moissanite is the answer you have been looking for. When first discovered, these stones were mistaken for diamonds as they are almost identical; you and others will not know the difference. Almost as hard as diamonds too, these stones are durable and can last the distance. With just as much glamour without the huge price tag, moissanite is a great substitute.

Lapis Lazuli

Not very well-known stones, lapis lazuli can make stunning wedding rings with their unique flecks of gold and colours. A matte blue colour, this stone is perfect teamed with a gold wedding band. These are also extremely inexpensive but they are softer meaning they can become scratched more easily and may need to be replaced every couple of years. That said, lapis lazuli could be a good alternative whilst you save up for that diamond.


A dazzling stone that comes in many beautiful hues, topaz is another great choice for wedding rings. Although traditionally thought of as blue, this stone can also be pink, green, red and orange depending on its imperfections.


Every opal is unique, which makes it a great option for a wedding ring. Nobody can ever have the same wedding ring as you, which is great if you are a fan of all things unique. Opals can shine every colour of the rainbow and can be a dazzling stone.


These peach coloured crystals are beautiful minerals especially when set with other gemstones. They are not very well-known and therefore are great for something different. Pairing them with smaller precious stones can give you a wedding ring that you will fall in love with every day.


This is a striking piece of jewellery and a great option if you want to be noticed.

A bright green stone in the garnet family, paired with other stones tsavorite can provide a great alternative look.

The color is similar to emeralds but the green is more of a deep core color. It’s almost as dark as onyx except it’s green. This is a hard stone and will last on a wedding band. It is also not too expensive.

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There are many great stones that can be used for wedding rings, but it all comes down to your personal tastes and your current budget. If you want to, you can talk to jewellers about designing your own wedding ring according to your preferences and price range.

Designing your own wedding band with any of these gemstones will give you a unique look for your special day. A wedding band is supposed to last a lifetime, so ensure you create a wedding band that you will love forever.