3 Reason Choosing Mens Wedding Bands with Wood Iinlay

While traditional tungsten rings are already quite popular, the ability of the metal to hold different materials makes variations quite common. One of the best is the tungsten ring with wood inlay, which makes the perfect wedding rings.

Wood Inlay in Tungsten Ring

Compared to traditional precious metals, such as gold and silver, tungsten is harder and more scratch-resistant which makes it perfect to be combined with other materials. Adding a wood inlay provides an additional benefit thanks to its remarkable appearance and striking longevity. The reasons why you should consider a tungsten ring with wood inlay are as follows;

  • Beautiful Design
  • Durable and Long-Lasting
  • Scratch and Impact Resistant
  • Unique and Charming

It may seem a bit odd at first to describe a hard, durable metal as “charming”, but the wood inlay provides a unique appearance to tungsten which makes it perfect as a wedding ring.

Why Choose Tungsten Ring with Wood Inlay

Of course, the advantages of having such a wedding ring means more than its durability. Tungsten is a strong metal that provides for a like-new appearance with minimal maintenance for many years to come. However, there are other advantages when choosing the ring with the wood inlay.

Unique: Because of the grain of the wood, no two wood inlays are alike. This means that your wedding ring will be unique and set you apart from everyone else. For many young couples, having a ring with unique finishes and beautiful as part of their wedding is something that is highly desirable, so it’s little wonder that the tungsten rings with wood inlays are so popular.

Well Priced: Tungsten does not have the same high price compared to precious metals, such as gold, silver, or platinum. However, it does have many wonderful attributes that makes them highly desired and beautiful. The price of a typical tungsten ring with wood inlay is considerably less compared to a similarly-sized gold or silver wedding ring. So, for those who are on a budget, going with tungsten is the right choice.

Reputable Jeweler: Of course, you’ll want to purchase your rings from a reliable source. Preferably one that has earned a strong reputation over the years for their high quality, superb design, and reasonable pricing. Keep in mind that while tungsten is a strong, hard metal, it is also somewhat more brittle compared to the softer metals of gold and silver.

However, that brittleness is not important unless the ring takes a mighty impact, so you will want the backing of a fine jeweler who only has the best tungsten rings with wood inlays available. The high-quality versions will have well-protected inlays that resist all forms of decay or dullness which tends to fade the colors.

Getting the best mens wedding bands with wood inlay means that your wedding day will be even more special. The rings are finely crafted, well-designed, and will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. For those who want a change from the ordinary, having tungsten rings with wood inlays is the best.