Which are the 4 Most Popular Mens Wedding Band Metal

While it may seem on the surface a fairly easy task for men to select a wedding right. The truth is that with all the available styles, materials, and prices on the market it can be a difficult decision to make. You will need to keep in mind your budget, your personal style, and that you have access to a considerable selection of rings. Most men’s wedding rings cost less than $1,000, unless you go for something truly fancy, such as a diamond-encrusted gold ring for example. Obviously, the more you add to your wedding ring, the more expensive it will be. So, you should start by setting a budget that you can afford and going from there. Just keep in mind that adding diamonds can push the price up considerably.

You can save even more money while not hindering your style by choosing a popular metal like tungsten and pay about $250 for a good wedding band. You can always go with a gold ring but expect to pay twice as much compared to tungsten.

Men’s Wedding Band Metals

As you might tell, what your wedding ring is made of will determine much of what you pay. As mentioned above, you can save a considerable amount when going with a non-precious metal, but that doesn’t mean you have to go in that direction if you do not want.

1. Gold: Still the most popular of all metals for men’s wedding rings, it is also fairly expensive. Plus, you will need to choose the right karat as this helps determine the longevity of the material. Believe it or not 14k may be more preferable than 18k because it is more scratch-resistant and looks practically identical to the higher grade of gold and all for less money.

Still, the gold will need to be polished from time to time and scratches will appear unless you are quite careful with the ring.

2. Palladium: Arguably the latest metal to enter the world of men’s wedding rings, palladium is bright, shiny, looks just like platinum, and is quite expensive. Palladium has only been considered a precious metal for less than a decade, but it is lighter than platinum as well, which means that it should be easier over time to wear.

However, palladium is quite scarce which means that you will need to search to find it.

3. Platinum: This is a highly popular metal that men in particular find stylish and matching their personal preferences. However, it is also a costly metal with most wedding bands ranging from $1000 up to $1500 or more. What you should know is that platinum is not as strong as gold or many other popular metals, although they do develop a patina, which helps to hide scratches and make them even more attractive to wear.

You should expect to pay top dollar for platinum, although you may be able to find discount stores that offer this metal for considerably less.

4. Tungsten: Tungsten Carbide Ring is stronger compared to all other common wedding band material and less expensive, tungsten is becoming one of the most popular choices for men’s wedding rings. It comes in black, grey, or white, and it is quite resilient.

However, tungsten is less flexible compared to other mens wedding band metal, so you may need it to be resized if your finger grows or shrinks considerably.