Best Blue Tungsten Rings

Gold and silver are the traditional metals that most wedding bands are crafted from, but blue tungsten has become a favorite that has only grown in popularity in recent years.

Blue Rings for men has been growing in popularity over the years, especially the mixture with black color.

For many men who are looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding band, tungsten offers some unique attributes.

Tungsten Ring with Black Surface and Blue Groove Beveled Edges

With the Black Brushed Tungsten Men’s Wedding Band, you can show your love for your partner til death do you part without ever wearing a ring that is no longer trendy. This modern ring transcends time with a handsome matte black exterior and thin strip of electric blue running right through the center.

The blue matches the electric blue interior of the ring, offering subtle pops of color, thanks to the Comfort Fit design, you can wear this tungsten ring will day long without feeling like it is pinching your hand or weighing you down.

Tungsten Ring with Blue Groove and Inner Comfort Fit

With the 8mm Blue Center Groove Tungsten Ring, you can put a twist on a classic style of ring, letting you approach both the appearance and the crafting of a ring in a brand new way. The ring is fashioned out of strong tungsten carbide, which has a polished silver surface and a sleek blue line running across the center.

The interior of the ring is a matching blue color that gives the otherwise conventional ring a splash of color. It measures eight millimeters in width with a 2.3 millimeter thickness and is made with Comfort Fit technology.

Tungsten Ring with Brushed Black and Blue Inner Comfort Fit

Express your personality while symbolizing your love til death do you part with the 6mm Black Brushed Deep Blue Dome Men’s Wedding Ring. The wedding ring features a handsome black matte exterior that contrasts the vibrant blue of the ring’s interior, offering a nice, subtle pop of color.

It measures six milllimeters wide with a thickness of 2.3 millimeters and is designed to fit snugly and not be bulky on your hand. Thanks to the Comfort Fit design, you can comfortably wear the two tone ring all day long without it causing fatigue or pinching your fingers.

Blue High Polished Tungsten Ring in Dome

Make a statement with your love by wearing this 8mm Blue Polished Dome Men’s Tungsten Wedding Band. This electrifying wedding band is an electric blue hue all around the ring both inside and out and has a glossy finish that is sure to catch the eye.

It is fashioned out of high quality tungsten carbide, a material that is resistant to scratching and fading alike, making it an ideal choice for a lifelong wedding band. This blue ring is designed with your comfort in mind, thanks to the Comfort Fit technology the ring is made around.

Tungsten Ring with Blue Side & Inner Comfort Fit

Get the sleek silvery appearance of a classic wedding band with a hidden, fun splash of color beneath when you choose the 8mm Outside Brushed Dome Inside Blue Tungsten Men’s Wedding Band.

The wedding band features a rounded, polished chrome exterior, which is resistant to smudges, soiling and other blemishes, while the interior boasts a shining electric blue color to make it stand out. All around, it is fashioned out of high quality tungsten carbide material that naturally resists scratches, nicks and fading to ensure it looks its best for a lifetime.

Tungsten Ring with Black Poished Surface and Blue Edges

Show off your handsome sense of style with this robust and powerful 8mm Two Tone Polished Black Tungsten Ring. The ring commands attention with rich, stark black color running along the inside of the band and also along the exterior.

Flanking the black along both edges of the ring is a sleek, glossy electric blue strip that adds the perfect touch of color. It is fashioned out of premium tungsten carbide, so you’ll have peace of mind that it won’t scratch, crack, rust or even fade, making it an obvious choice as a wedding band to be worn for life.

Tungsten Ring with Black Brushed Surface and Blue Side Groove Flat Edges

Take a different approach toward classic men’s wedding bands when you choose the Black brushed Blue Groove Tungsten Men’s Wedding Band. This premium wedding band features a matte black surface with a thin, electric blue streak running through it to offset it, whereas the underside of the ring is a glossy blue with a simple black ring contrasting against it.

Due to the tungsten carbide composition, the ring will outlast years of wear without ever scratching, taking on nicks or fading. This hardwearing, long-lasting ring is designed with Comfort Fit technology.

Tungsten Ring with Blue Groove and Black Sides Tri Tone

Choose a ring that will make you stand out among the rest with this modern and stylish White Brushed with Blue Groove Men’s Tungsten Wedding Band. The wedding band features a beautiful polished chrome exterior with a ring of electric blue color running right down the center.

On the inside is a black color that contrasts against it beautifully. The outside of this quality tungsten ring features all of the natural resistance of chrome against fingerprints, smudges and other such soiling to keep it looking its best. Comfort Fit technology ensures comfortable wear all day long.

Tungsten Ring with Black Surface and Blue Side Groove Flat Edges Tri Tone

Take your love of modern design and turn it into a wedding band that you can cherish for a lifetime with this Black White Brushed Tungsten Wedding Band.

This wedding band features a thick black ring around three quarters of the ring’s exterior while the remaining color is made up of a polished chrome strip and an electric blue strip running between both of them, which matches the blue interior of the ring. The ring is crafted to last for many years of wear out of premium tungsten carbide that won’t ever crack, scratch or fade.

Tungsten Ring with Black Surface Beveled Edges with Blue Inside

Keep it simple and stylish when you choose this Two Tone Black Tungsten Men’s Wedding band featuring a contemporary matte black exterior underlined by the electric blue color of the ring’s interior.

This premium ring is every bit as strong as it is stylish, crafted out of premium tungsten carbide in order to give you a ring that will last a lifetime without unsightly nicks, fading or scratches. Because of the Comfort Fit design, you can comfortably wear it all day every day without it interfering with your work or weighing down your hand. The ring measures only 2.3 millimeters thick.

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is a dense and hard metal that has a high melting point which makes it a popular material in the creation of solid jewelry. While tungsten itself is somewhat innocuous as there are several metals that also are hard, dense, and have high melting temperatures, it is when combined with a carbon alloy that it becomes a remarkably piece of jewelry.

Tungsten carbide represents about 85% of the metal present in rings with the rest being nickel. The combination not only enhances the beauty and power of its appearance, it also makes the metal quite scratch resistant. The addition of the nickel ensures that the metal is not too brittle or soft which makes it perfect as jewelry.

Is Tungsten Like Titanium?

Because of their similar qualities, there are those who believe that tungsten is like titanium, but there is at least one big difference. Tungsten is far denser and therefore much heavier than titanium which helps make it feel like a proper ring. The lightweight titanium is also much easier to scratch compared to tungsten.

The one advantage that titanium does offer over tungsten is that it will bend easier before it can be broken. Because tungsten is one of the hardest metals on earth, it will tend to crack under pressure instead of bending. However, the force needed to crack a tungsten ring is considerable and is well outside the normal bumps, drops, and impacts that the ring will experience.

Advantages of Tungsten

For those who are considering a tungsten ring, there are several advantages that make them the perfect choice for men. One of the more noted advantages is the scratch-resistance feature that makes it impervious to most other materials in terms of being scratched.

1. Weight: The density of tungsten is such that it feels like you are wearing a solid ring. It means that its presence can be felt, although it is never uncomfortable to wear.

2. Non-Allergic: The tungsten carbide material mixed with nickel is common enough that most people will not have an allergic reaction. This is because there is no residue left behind through oxidation or from the metal itself. This means that the chances of your skin having an allergic reaction are quite small.

3. Engraving: Only a laser or diamond-tipped drill can engrave the ring, but it can be engraved so you can customize it to your liking. This is another reason why tungsten rings for men are so popular.

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If you are looking for a wedding band that stands out for its appearance, weight, and overall quality, tungsten is an excellent choice thanks to the many attributes it offers. For men who are looking for a wedding band that demonstrates the depth of their love while being quite striking in nature, the tungsten ring is the perfect choice.

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