Why Do People Choose Black Color Wedding Bands

Black wedding rings are a men’s fashion trend that has been growing in popularity in recent years. You may have been noticing more and more black wedding bands being worn out in public.

The color black usually has some darker connotations than other popular wedding ring colors. It can be associated with death and mourning. In the past, such rings were even worn as a sign of a grieving widower. However, those days are long gone.

Black wedding rings have become more of a style preference for a lot of men. In some cases, there is not much meaning behind the choice other than personal preference.

Long ago, ancient Greek and Roman craftsmen used to make stylish black rings out of black onyx. These rings were considered very fashionable at the time. Some eastern cultures used to wear black rings as symbols of power and protection. It appears that after centuries, this trend is finally starting to make a comeback.

What Does a Black Wedding Ring Mean?

Black wedding rings are very popular in today’s society. Most people like them because they look good. Black rings are worn by individuals who are looking to make a statement with their traditional metal rings.

Black wedding bands are often associated with social or political ideals. They can also symbolize strength, courage, or power. It can also be worn to show commitment to one another. For others, a black wedding band can symbolize courage and strength. It can also be worn by a couple to symbolize a strong relationship.

Why Choose Black Wedding Rings?

Black wedding rings are definitely a unique style option in this day and age. Dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks, black rings have a lot of history behind them. Ring manufacturers don’t have to use the black onyx of old days to make rings anymore. There are a variety of materials and styles that you can choose from.

People choose black wedding rings because these rings are very unique, and will easily help you to stand out in any crowd. They are a great way to develop your own personal style that will make people notice you. The color black goes with just about anything, so it can be easily matched with other jewelry or any outfits you would like to wear.

Black wedding bands are usually made from stronger materials than the average wedding band. Because of their black color, they have to be made from different materials than typically rings. They are generally stronger and more durable rings that are built to last a lifetime. Not to mention they look very stylish and will pair well with almost anything. Black wedding rings come in a variety of different finishes and stylings. They can easily be crafted to suit your individual tastes.

It’s easy to see why many men are moving towards black wedding bands. They give the wearer a lot of benefits ranging from durability to unique styling. Manufacturers are continuing to develop new ways of making these black rings. You can even find two-toned black rings on the market if one solid color isn’t the right fit for you. Many ring manufacturers are capable of putting carbon inlays into the rings to help personalize your ring even more.

Types of materials

Unlike most wedding bands which are made of gold, silver, or platinum, black wedding rings are made of much sturdier materials. They are very classy in appearance, and can be worn to fit almost any look. Here are some of the different types of materials used in the manufacturing process of black wedding rings:

Black Titanium

Unlike other metals that are anodized to achieve a color coating, black titanium wedding bands are permanently fixed in color.

Their color will not fade, scratch, or chip away.

Titanium is a very durable metal that will hold its shape much better than traditional metals like gold, platinum, and silver.

Black Tungsten

Tungsten is the most scratch-resistant metal on the market. It is also extremely hard, which means it won’t break or deform under stress.

This tungsten is actually colored using a black titanium alloy that will allow it to hold its color no matter what.

Tungsten is especially good at retaining a polished even if it is placed under extreme duress and harsh circumstances.

Black Onyx

18k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring With Black Onyx In Satin Finish ...

Thought by spiritualists to absorb and transform negative energy, black onyx bands are made of a very dark variety of quartz.

The color is much more rare, making them very valuable. Black onyx stones were very symbolic of power to many ancient cultures.

Black Diamond

These types of wedding bands are usually made of another material like black titanium or tungsten. They are then studded with black diamonds to help complete the look. Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on the planet. They are nearly impossible to scratch except with another diamond.


For those that want a less durable, more flexible ring, there are silicone rings that come in all varieties of colors. Black silicone is likely the most popular color option right now, as it is the most stylish and will match almost any style.

Silicone rings are very popular with athletes and people that work in manual labor occupations. They are able to stretch with your finger, and they prevent injuries from catching your ring on objects and surfaces.

Silicone rings are definitely the least durable material that black rings can be made out of, and they typically need to be replaced much more often than the metal rings that we are going to be discussing in this article.

Types of rings

Wedding bands aren’t the only type of black rings on the market. Rings can be used to signify a number of different things, or they can be worn solely as accessories. The black ring trend has entered each of these different markets.

Promise Rings

Throughout history, promise rings have been worn to symbolize a promise or agreement between two individuals. Now, many couples wear promise rings to symbolize their love for each other. They are also worn as “pre-engagement” rings for couples who plan to be married later on but are not yet engaged. Many black rings are etched with the infinity symbol that has a Celtic origin to it. This symbol is viewed by many as a symbol of infinite love, trust, and loyalty between a couple. Just like wedding bands, black promise rings are starting to grow in popularity among young couples.

Purity Rings

In ancient times, the Romans used to wear black onyx jewelry into battle. They would carve symbols of their various gods into them. The Romans, and many other ancient cultures believed that black onyx held great power.

They believed that it would keep them safe from both external and internal threats. Nowadays, black onyx is still symbolic of strength and power. The only difference now is that it is used to convey strength of mind and self-control.

That is why black onyx is often used in purity rings to show a commitment to sexual purity. There are many different kinds of purity rings, and many are made with the black materials we talked about earlier.

Equality Rings

An equality ring is used to convey the wearer’s belief that they shouldn’t get married until all people have the right to marry. This generally refers to a lack of legal marriages between gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender couples.

These rings were popularized by an organization called the National Marriage Boycott. Members of this organization have all agreed to avoid getting married until every sexual orientation is legally allowed to marry all over the world.

These equality rings will typically be etched with the word “equality” across the band. Black rings help these people to stand out even more from the crowd and give them an opportunity to express their desire for equality to those who ask about their ring.

Pros and Cons of Black Wedding Rings

Pro 1: Black metals are scratch-resistant

As we talked about earlier, most black wedding bands are made out of tungsten or black titanium. These metals will resist scratches and damage far better than gold, silver, and platinum.

Traditional wedding ring metals will scratch, chip, and lose their luster as time goes on. Tungsten can actually hold a polish for its entire lifetime, even if it gets put under stress. A composite, tungsten carbide is the most scratch-resistant metal available right now. It is perfect for guys that work a lot with their hands. It will never scratch, chip, or fade from usage.

Where traditional metals will also bend, black metals are nearly impossible to warp. If you were to hit a traditional ring against a hard surface, it could cause the ring to lose its shape. A black ring will keep its circular shape no matter what kind of stresses you put it through. Black rings are also extremely corrosion-resistant and don’t require any kind of protective coating or plating that traditional rings require.

Pro 2: Most black metals are hypoallergenic

A lot of people are actually allergic to precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver. You can even develop a metal allergy if you don’t have one already. The metals used to make black rings are hypoallergenic, and won’t set off any of the symptoms of your allergy.

Tungsten and titanium don’t have any of the allergen qualities that metals like gold have. You’ll be able to wear them without the worry of breaking out on your skin.

Pro 3. Black wedding rings are very fashionable right now

Black wedding rings are a fairly new trend, and they are all the rage. Recently, people began to get bored with the traditional gold, platinum, and silver rings. These traditional rings have been around for decades, and many people love the thought of standing out and being unique when compared to their peers. That’s why black wedding rings started to grow in popularity.

If you’re looking to stay current with the trends, a black wedding ring is perfect for you. They give off an edgy vibe that is unmatched by traditional rings. They give you a completely unique look. If your style is more modern than traditional, black rings are the way to go. You’ll love the way their unique color completes your style and makes you stand out.

Black wedding bands are actually some of the most highly requested rings to be viewed in stores now. Everyone is curious to see what started this trend. If you want to make a real statement, then you should definitely get a black wedding ring. Everyone will want to see your ring and ask about it. You’ll be fitting right in with the current trends and styles.

Pro 4. Black wedding bands are usually on the cheaper side

Not only are black wedding rings more stylish right now, but they are actually cheaper. Because traditional rings are made out of “precious” metals like gold, silver, and platinum, they tend to cost more.

Black rings are made out of metals that are much less common in the jewelry world, and so they tend to be a much more affordable option for the savvy buyer. They will last far longer than a traditional ring as well, so you will definitely be getting your money’s worth out of them.

As we’ve discussed, these rings are very durable and almost unbreakable. The biggest downside to this is that you can never get your ring resized. It is impossible for a jeweler to make the necessary adjustments to a black wedding ring. As you’re about to see, there are a few more cons to black wedding rings.

Con 1. It is impossible to get a black wedding ring resized

If you’re going to take the leap and buy a black wedding ring, be sure that your size is right and that you’re in this for the long run. Black wedding rings cannot be resized like a traditional wedding ring.

Tungsten and carbon fiber and virtually impossible for anyone to resize without completely destroying the ring. Due to their extremely durable nature, they require far too much force to be able to accurately and safely make any adjustments. Traditional rings are made out of much softer metals.

Essentially, if you ever needed to come back for a new ring size, you would have to purchase a completely new ring. Most people think that they won’t ever need to resize their rings, but many ring-wearers come back at least once in their lifetime to get a newly sized ring. If you were to have a black wedding ring, you wouldn’t be able to do this. The only way to get a different size is to buy a new ring for yourself.

This decision can be tough on a lot of people because there is a lot of sentimental and symbolic value in wearing your original wedding ring. It is the ring that you got married in, and the one you have worn for your entire marriage. If you know that you’re a very sentimental person who holds these symbolic things very important, you really need to be sure that you won’t have to change your ring size if you are going to wear a black wedding ring.

Con 2. Black wedding bands are a fashion trend that may not be around forever

As we talked about, black wedding rings are extremely stylish right now. However, we all know that fashion trends fade and styles change. Black wedding rings may not be a popular fashion forever.

Traditional wedding rings made of gold, silver, platinum, and white gold are still in style and are likely to stay in style for decades to come. If you’re going to buy a black wedding ring, you need to be prepared for the idea that it might not be as fashionable in twenty years as it was the day that you first put it on.

You have to be sure that a black wedding ring really suits your individual style. Consider whether or not you are okay with having a black wedding band on your finger for the rest of your life. If you aren’t sure, then buying a black ring may not be the right idea for you. If you like to stand out, even if it isn’t on-trend right now, then a black wedding ring might still be right for you.

Con 3. Black wedding rings can be very difficult to repair if they are broken or damaged

We’ve already talked about how durable black rings are. They are made of extremely tough materials that are next to impossible to break or chip. However, there is always the slight chance that your wedding band does get broken or chipped.

If this is the case, a jewelry would not be able to fully repair the band to its former glory. In the same way that a black ring cannot be resized, it also cannot be repaired.

If your ring were to become damaged in some way, you would have to get an entirely new wedding ring to replace it. It is good to keep in mind how important it is to you to wear your original wedding band on your finger.

Con 4. In case of an emergency, black wedding bands are extremely difficult to remove

In very rare cases, an emergency might take place that would require your wedding ring and all other jewelry to be removed. This is a very scary thought. If this were to ever happen while you were wearing a black wedding ring, and the ring could not be removed normally, then it would have to be smashed off of your finger. This can be a scary process, and it is something to keep in mind when purchasing a wedding ring.

Con 5. Black wedding bands are generally a little heavier than traditional wedding bands

Traditional rings made of metals like gold, silver, and platinum tend to be very lightweight. They are barely noticeable when you wear them on your finger. The metals used to make black rings, like tungsten, black titanium, and carbon fiber, tend to be much heavier. It might take a little more time to get used to than a lighter weight ring made of gold or platinum.

Why do Cops wear Black Wedding Rings?

We’ve talked a lot about the different metal materials used to make black wedding rings. However, if you see a cop wearing a black wedding ring, they are most likely wearing a black silicone ring. Police officers generally wear these rings due to their line of work.

For other people, it may be a style statement, but for the police, it is for functionality. Silicone wedding bands are an extremely budget-friendly option for officers on the job. They are also very soft and comfortable to wear for long periods of time and during athletic activities. Thanks to these features, silicone rings are ideal for cops

Little risk of loss

As we mentioned before, silicone rings are a much cheaper option than the traditional wedding ring. As such, there is very little financial loss to the wearer if something causes the ring to get damaged or lost while out on the job. Silicone is even cheaper than the tungsten and carbon fiber ring options that other black rings are made out of.

Most cops can find themselves in dangerous situations throughout the day. It is a smart choice for them to avoid having easily damaged valuables on their person while they are on duty.

Rescue situations

Many times, officers are called upon to rescue people from dangerous situations. This could require them to leap into cold water, climb through debris, and many other risky situations.

In cold water, a cops fingers can constrict and shrink, which could lead to them losing their wedding ring. In a hot environment, lots of physical activity could cause their fingers to swell and cut off circulation due to a tight metal wedding ring.

In many situations, a cop trying to free someone from a vehicle or building runs the risk of getting their ring caught on something. This can lead to serious injury, or lead to the ring being damaged beyond repair.

Wearing a silicone ring in such a situation will allow the ring to expand and contract with the fingers, keeping it safely attached. It is much harder to lose a silicone wedding ring. Also, if the ring becomes damaged, it is only a small financial loss. A gold, silver, or platinum ring is much more expensive and will be much more financially devastating to the officer.


Much like rescue operations, many cops are called on to conduct search operations. The same risks can apply here. Officers may have to climb through unsavory areas such as old buildings, wrecked cars, and dark and wet cavities. Losing a wedding band in a place such as this would be a very simple matter.

Losing an expensive and sentimental ring would cause the officer to lose all focus on the job at hand. However, if they lost their silicone ring it would only be a minor inconvenience. Silicone rings are also much harder to lose, even in the strenuous circumstances discussed above.

Safety on duty

Aside from the safety from unwanted attention, black silicone rings provide another kind of safety. There are awful stories from all over about people who have lost their fingers in some horrific accident involving their wedding ring. These rings get caught on machinery, and can even get hooked by someone trying to keep their balance on an object. On the job, there are far too many dangerous things that could happen to a cop’s ring finger.

Silicone stretched under tension. If a law enforcement officer were to get his silicone ring caught and pulled, it would simply stretch instead of severely injuring his finger. Many police officers wear silicone rings for this reason. They don’t want to end up as one of those stories where men suffered terrible injuries to their hands all because of a solid metal wedding ring.

Proper use of the side-arm

Left-handed police officers will often find that metal rings will interfere with how they use a firearm. Grip is everything when it comes to proper gun safety and handling practices. If a cop cannot get a proper grip due to their ring, it may make it difficult to aim correctly. Silicone rings are soft. This means that they will help the hand naturally conform to the gun’s grip much more comfortably. A hard metal ring will get in the way and feel very uncomfortable.


Cops don’t just have to worry about losing their rings, they also have to worry about damaging their rings. Many police officers have to do a lot of physical activities that can lead to a ring getting damaged. Hitting your ring on the concrete, a wall, or a car can mean major damage to that priceless wedding band.

If the ring gets damaged and leaves sharp edges, it can then go on to injure the police officer and cause them to lose control of the dangerous situation they are in. It can also cause an added emotional stress during such a situation.

Once the ring is damaged, it will have to be either repaired or replaced. This can be a very expensive process with a traditional wedding ring. It can cost a lot of money to repair major and even minor damage to the most expensive wedding rings. This is especially true if any stones are missing. Most officers don’t want to take the chance that they will damage or lose their precious wedding ring, so they opt for a silicone ring instead.

Why do off duty cops wear silicone rings?

Even when they are off duty, most cops are still on duty in their minds. When you work that kind of job, it can be hard to turn your mind off from it. Many police officers are also called in on their off-hours to assist, so there is no way for them to know when they will have to drop everything and go out on the job.

There are a lot of cops who switch their silicone ring out for their traditional ring when they are not on duty. However, it can be hard for an officer of the law to remember to switch the rings out when they are suddenly called back into duty. If this happens, then they are prone to all the risks that we discussed earlier.

This is why a lot of off duty cops continue to wear their black silicone wedding rings. It is much easier for them to simply keep it on all the time than to have to constantly switch back and forth between their traditional wedding ring and their black silicone wedding ring. This is typically the safest choice for an officer.


So there you have it, black wedding rings are in. They are stylish, durable, and affordable. Black rings also give the option to feel unique and stand out in a crowd. There are many different styles and options to choose from when picking out a black wedding ring. You can pick the sturdy tungsten options, the beautiful black onyx bands, or a functional and safe black silicone wedding ring. Just make sure it’s the right fit for you, and that you’re going to love wearing it from now until forever.

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