Choosing the Perfect simple wedding bands for Men

Choosing the right simple wedding bands is vital to last for the rest of your lives. That decision may be a tough one because of all the factors you have to consider. However, there is a way to make the best-informed selection if you take the time, do the research, and follow the steps in order.

Limit Your Choices

The best way to start is by setting parameters that limits the choices you can make. You can start with your budget which is a good way to narrow down the selection. The next steps in limiting your choices to something reasonable include the following;

  • Style: Do you want the simple wedding bands or ornate?
  • Match: Do you want the wedding bands to match each other?
  • Metal: Do you want to have the same metal for each band?

Asking questions like these at the beginning can save you from a lot of frustration. This will help narrow down the choices and focus on the type of rings that you want right from the start.

Match the Engagement Rings

Another way to simplify your selection is to make the wedding bands match the engagement rings. By using your engagement rings as a guide, you can go forward with the style, materials, and other details without the headache of trying to look at a myriad of other styles. You should definitely proceed with this path if you plan on wearing both your engagement and wedding rings next to each other If you have yet to order your engagement rings, consider including your wedding band order with them as well.

Take Your Time

The most fun part about shopping for simple wedding bands is taking the time to try them on. This means that you’ll want to take a few months to shop around and see what is available. The more time you give yourselves, the more fun you will have when looking around for the right rings. That way, you can make the best-informed decision. Plus, you should set a deadline of at least six weeks before your wedding to make your final decision. This allows time for engravings which usually take about a month.

If you bought our ring, try them on, and if size or the look doesn’t work for you, simply contact us to return and get another one. We make returns & exchange extremely easy for our customers.

Matching is Not Necessary

There is no hard and fast rule that says your simple wedding bands need to be of the same metal or even look alike for that matter. If you are pulled towards the tungsten ring while your partner wants gold, that is perfectly fine. You might compromise and go with a ring consisting of the two metals that you want, assuming that they can mix. Otherwise, you should not be bothered if your individual styles are present in each ring.

Simple Wedding Bands for Everyday Use

The decision you make about which wedding band to choose will be with you for the rest of your lives. So, you’ll want to consider how it will become part of your life. This means that you may need to go over the following conditions to ensure that it fits with your lifestyle:

  • Active: A slim ring with rounded edges works well.
  • Work: If you work a lot with your hands, consider tungsten or another hard, scratch-resistant metal
  • Durable: Platinum and tungsten are the most durable, especially if you are really active

Plus, keep in mind that gemstones, while beautiful, are high-maintenance because they can trap dirt easily.

Maintenance for Your Simple Wedding Band

The good news about most wedding rings, except for those encrusted with gems, is that they are usually low-maintenance. This means having a soft toothbrush handy along with a lint-free cloth for easy cleaning. Of course, the metal that you choose will have a big say in how much maintenance you need to perform. Be sure that you listen to your jeweler and follow the instructions.

Quality Control

Remember, you are looking for the best simple wedding bands at the lowest price, not the lowest priced wedding rings. Quality is something that you should not sacrifice in your search for the wedding rings that will last you the rest of your lives. So, you want to ensure that the rings you order will be of high-quality and backed by the jeweler to provide confidence in your purchase.

Suggestions to Consider

Quite often, the best ideas come from those who have spent many years in the field. This means that you should listen to the suggestions of the jeweler about the type of ring that you should choose. It doesn’t mean that you must take their advice, but you should open your mind to the possibilities they provide as they might point you on the path you want to take.

You can start by setting the parameters and let them make suggestions without trying to knock down what they are saying. Instead, take it under consideration and even try it on for effect. You may find that you fall in love with a ring that you never considered before. At the very least, you will have at least tried everything you know before making the final selection.

Simple Wedding Bands Fitting

Your ring finger actually changes size more often than you might think. So, schedule your final ring fitting when you are calm and relaxed which will provide the average size. Remember, when you retain water, workout, or are undergoing temperature changes of heat or cold, that changes the size of your fingers. So, make sure that they are in normal condition for the right sizing.

In the Future

With the rise of men’s rings, It may seem rather daunting to think about your choice of simple wedding bands forty years after you make it, but that is one of the considerations you must make. Imagine if more people thought of tattoos that way, you would probably see a lot fewer tattoos.

Instead of stressing too much on this, try focusing on the long-term wearing of a specific style that you are avoiding what is trendy. Also, keep in mind that you can always add diamonds or change the plating if you want a different look.