Comfort Fit vs. Standard Fit on Men’s Wedding Bands

When it comes to deciding men’s wedding bands, we rarely give it much thought. I used to think that maybe because most of the energy is consumed in planning out the wedding, making guest lists and arrangements, people forget to consider the details about men’s wedding bands. Over time, I slowly realized that this is not really true. The actual reason is that we are often unaware about the options available to us.

What are the options?

When you are deciding which ring you should buy, you have a choice between choosing a comfort-fit wedding band and a standard-fit wedding band. The former has been specifically designed to make sure it is comfortable for men to wear, does not press knuckles during work and can easily be taken off. The standard-fit band on the other hand is like any regular ring.

Types of Comfort-Fit

 The comfort-fit rings also come in three types, varying in the cost and comfort level.

  • The basic one is a regular comfort-fit with a simple dome.
  • The second type is a heavy domed fit in which the outer rim of the ring is higher.
  • The third type is flat band in which the outer rim is flat like the standard-fit and the inner rim is domed like the regular ring.

The Comfort Difference

The main difference between the two options is that the comfort-fit ring has a dome-shaped interior that makes it comfortable to wear. It basically helps in maintaining a distance from the finger, does not press deep and thus does not hurt much. This makes it easier to bend fingers, squeeze over a large knuckle without any pain. As for the standard fit, it has a straight interior which obviously presses on the finger and is a less comfortable fit.

The Price Difference

Since the comfort fit tungsten ring is more comfortable because of its shape, it relatively costs more than the standard one. The reason is that the change in the shape, the addition of the dome that is, means that more metal shall be used up. Therefore if your ring is of gold or platinum or any of the expensive metals, the price automatically goes up. As far as use of metals such as titanium and tungsten is concerned, these metals are cheap so the comfort-fit ring has no extra charges. Often, the tungsten wedding rings come in comfort-fit only so that is also affordable.

The Verdict

Based on my personal experience, I would suggest getting a comfort-fit wedding band. If you have cost constraints then you may choose titanium or a tungsten wedding band or go with gold and platinum if there is no such issue. The comfort-fit rings should ideally have 5mm or more width which will result in easy taking off of the ring, more flexibility and increasing the comfort level greatly. You are thus able to wear your wedding band daily with no complains.

So for the next wedding of a friend’s or your own, go with the comfort fit tungsten wedding bands. They are comfortable, classy and cheap, making the perfect combination!