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6 Places to Get Your Tungsten Rings & Jewelry Engraved

Getting the inside of a ring band engraved is a simple and classic way to personalize a ring for your partner. From sweet and romantic sayings and silly memories to important dates, it can seem like there is no limit to what you message you could add to the ring to make it extra special. 

You will probably find that you have quite a few options when you are looking for a place to get your ring engraved. Here are a few of your options, and how to go about getting a ring engraved at that location. 

10 Places that can engrave your jewelry:

  • Kay Jewelers
  • Walmart
  • Things Remembered
  • Blue Nile
  • Etsy
  • Nelson Coleman
  • Jared
  • Quick Jewelry Rapairs
  • Flyd & Green
  • Evermine Jewelry

Remember to keep in mind that there can be restrictions based on: 

  • Your ring band material 
  • Your message’s length and content

While most places are happy to engrave whatever you desire, some jewelers might refuse to engrave something too vulgar or too long. Remember also that your ring band material might dictate what type of engraving is available to you, from hand to laser. 

Jewelry Engraving at Kay Jewelers 

Kay Jewelers offers engraving services for rings. It can take up to 10 days. Prices will depend on your specific requirements. To get a price quote, you will have to visit a store – engraving is not available on their website.

  • Visit a Kay Jewelers location, or
  • Make an appointment to get a quote 

To find a store near you, go to the Kay Jewelers Store Finder and put in your zip code.

Jewelry Engraving at Walmart

Walmart will engrave your jewelry for free – but only for items that are bought on their website under the “Personalized Jewelry” category.

When you place your order for a piece of jewelry, click the “customize” button, and you will be able to enter a personalized message to be engraved on your piece.

  • Walmart will only engrave rings that you purchase through their site under the category “personalized jewelry” 

Jewelry Engraving at Things Remembered

As an engraving specialist, Things Remembered offers a wide variety of engraving options – fonts, monograms, zodiac signs, religious symbols, and more. Pricing is $3 per word and there is a $10 minimum per item for engraving.

Engravings will be completed the same day you place your order. You can even order online and pick up in-store in 4 hours.

  • Bring your ring into a Things Remembered location
  • Choose from the available fonts and symbols
  • Engraving will happen same-day. 

Jewelry Engraving at Blue Nile

Blue Nile is an online-only jeweler. Products from select sections on the Blue Nile website are engravable – engagement rings, wedding rings, lockets, heart-tags, pendants, cuff links, money clips, and more.

When you order those engravable items, you can add engravings for an extra fee. Just enter your message when you place your order.

  • If you purchase a ring on the Blue Nile website, you can often add on engraving for an extra fee

Jewelry Engraving on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade products. Many Etsy sellers offer mail-in laser engraving services.

When you place your order for engraving service, you specify your message and the font you want. The seller will then generate a shipping label with tracking number & insurance for you. Print out that shipping label and use it to mail your jewelry to the seller. After the engraving is done, you will get your jewelry back through the mail.

  • Etsy is an online small business marketplace for hand made
  • Some Etsy shops offer trustworthy mail-in laser engraving services (based on many positive reviews)
  • Each shop may operate differently, but essentially you send your ring to the business by mail after working on your desired engraving with the shop owner. 

Jewelry Engraving by Nelson Coleman 

Nelson Coleman is a jeweler in Baltimore. While it only has one store location, it offers mail-in engraving services to serve customers all over the world. It offers 3 types of engraving – hand engraving (starts at $75), mechanical engraving (starts at $25), and laser engraving (starts at $75.)

You can call them at 410 494 0080 or contact them online for a free estimate.

  • Nelson Coleman offers mail-in laser, mechanical and hand engraving services
  • You can request a quote and mail-in directions on their website 

Tungsten isn’t the only ring band metal that has restrictions. But overall, getting your ring engraved should not be a difficult process as long as you are well informed. 

Jewelry Engraving at Jared

Jared offers jewelry engraving services, most of which can be completed on the same day.

To get started, schedule an appointment online at a store near you. At your appointment, bring in the jewelry you want to be engraved. Someone at Jared will review your requirements and give you a quote. After you place your order, you can have your jewelry back the same day.

Jewelry Engraving at Quick Jewelry Repairs

Quick Jewelry Repairs offers mail-in jewelry engraving services. After you place your order on their website, you get a shipping label that you then print out. Use that label to ship your jewelry to Quick Jewelry Repairs via FedEx. Once the engraving is done, they will ship your jewelry back to you.

Ring or necklace engraving costs $30 while bracelet or anklet engraving costs $35.

Jewelry Engraving at Floyd & Green

Floyd & Green offers jewelry engraving services for pieces you purchase in their store in South Carolina, on their website under the “Engravable” category, or the pieces you bring to them.

Both machine and hand engraving are available. Machine engraving starts at $15 for items purchased in their store and $20 for items purchased elsewhere. Machine engraving usually takes about 5 – 7 business days. Hand engraving may take longer.

Jewelry Engraving at Evermine Jewelry

Evermine Jewelry offers laser engraving for qualified rings, bracelets, or necklaces bought on their website. To get the jewelry you are buying engraved, simply specify the font you want and your message when you place your order.

Engraving prices range from $10 for 15 characters to $30 for 30 characters. Engravings can be done without incurring any extra delay to your order.

The Cost of Getting a Ring Engraved

Jewelry engraving cost on average between $30 to $75. While some businesses offer free engraving with the purchase of a ring, most places offer engraving for an extra fee whether you buy your ring there or not. 

EngraverPriceTimeCan you Bring in Your own Ring?
Kay JewelersQuote is given by an employee10 daysYes
WalmartFree with the purchaseNo extra timeNo
Things Remembered$10 + $3 per wordSame dayYes
Blue Nile$30 with purchase of ringNo extra timeNo
Nelson ColemanHand: $75+
Laser: $75+
Mechanical: 25+
Your Local JewelerAverage of $75Depends on jewelerYes
JaredQuote is given by an employee    Same dayYes
Quick Jewelry RepairsRing & necklace: $30   Bracelet & anklet: $351 business day engraving + shippingYes
Floyd & GreenMachine engraving:
With purchase $15
Without purchase $20
Hand engraving:
Get quote
5 – 7 business daysYes
Evermine Jewelry$10: 15 characters
$15: 20 characters
$20: 25 characters
$30: 35 characters
No extra time   No

When you compare engraving to other forms of personalization, it is actually one of the more affordable ways to get a unique ring. 

If you purchase a ring from a business, they sometimes offer engraving for an extra charge, with the exception of Walmart which offers free personalized engraving on some of the rings on their website. 

While Things Remembered offers very affordable engraving services, you will be limited to the several fonts and symbols they offer. It may be slightly more expensive to take your ring to a local jeweler or places like Nelson Coleman, but they will most likely give you the largest amount of freedom when choosing what you want to have engraved into your ring. 

Additionally, different types of engraving are usually offered at different price points. Hand and laser engraving tend to be similarly priced, with hand engraving sometimes being a bit more expensive due to the work that goes into it, and mechanical engraving is usually the cheapest option.

To get an idea of what band engraving looks like, you can watch this short video:

In the video you can see that in order to hand engrave the inside of a ring, you need:

  • The ability to hand draw calligraphy 
  • The ability to work on a very small surface
  • Special carving tools
  • A steady hand

As you can see, it takes a lot of time and skill to do hand engraving. Keep in mind, hand engraving can only be done on some band metals, and bands like tungsten or titanium need to be laser engraved.

Ring Material That Can Be Engraved

There are three common ways of engraving the inside of a ring: 

  • Hand engraving
  • Mechanical engraving
  • Laser engraving

Hand engraving is exactly as it sounds – a jeweler goes in and engraves your chosen message by hand. While it is less precise than the other two methods, you have more options when it comes to fonts and symbols when your ring is hand engraved. 

Mechanical engraving uses a machine to trace a template with a sharp tool. While you will have the option of symbols or font with machine engraving, you are limited to what the machine is pre-programmed to be able to do. However, if you prefer a very perfect engraving, machine engraving is one way to get that. 

Lastly, laser engraving uses a laser to engrave your message. With laser engraving, you can get very neat and clean lines and almost anything can be programmed into the machine to engrave onto the inside (or outside) of your ring. Lasers are also very precise and can fit longer messages onto a ring. 

There are no restrictions on what band metals or materials you can engrave. Even silicone ring manufacturers will sometimes offer “engraving” services with limited fonts and symbols. 

However, depending on which material your chosen ring is made of, you may be limited to one type of engraving only. 

Ring MaterialCan it be Engraved?What Type of Engraving?
TungstenYesLaser only
Yellow and white goldYesHand, laser, mechanical
TitaniumYesLaser only
SilverYesHand, laser, mechanical
CeramicYesLaser only
Platinum/palladium YesHand, laser, mechanical
Stainless SteelYesLaser only

While some metals can be engraved by any method, you can see that some can only be engraved by laser. These include: 

  • Tungsten
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic
  • Stainless Steel

These materials can only be engraved by laser because they are all hard substances. According to the Mohs Hardness Scale, which rates the hardness of minerals and metals:

  • Tungsten carbide can rate as high as a 9.5/10
  • Titanium is around a 6/10
  • Ceramic a 7/10
  • Stainless steel 5-6.5/10. 

This means that all of these materials are very difficult to scratch and mar – which is great for everyday wear, but can make engraving a little more challenging. Luckily, laser engraving works great for all of these bands. 

Here is a short video of the outside of a tungsten band being engraved with a laser:

You can see how easily the laser carves away the tungsten, leaving a clean design.

You are probably now wondering how common laser engraving machines are. You don’t want to get a ring that you will not be able to inscribe! Laser engraving is very common these days, and most jewelers will have one. If you buy your ring from a store that does not offer engraving, you will easily be able to find one nearby or send your ring away to have it laser engraved. 

Ring Width Requirements for Engraving

Generally speaking, most places that offer ring engraving will prefer to do so on a band that is 3mm or wider. This is for a couple of reasons: 

  • Smaller band width = smaller font, and decreased legibility
  • Hand and machine carving is difficult on too narrow of a surface

Some places will engrave on thinner bands, usually those that offer laser engraving – however, it is usually not recommended even when laser engraving is available. 

While laser engraving can be done at very tiny font sizes, the smaller you go with the font, the more difficult it will be to read. At a certain point, it is probably not worth spending the extra money to get an illegible engraving on your thin band. 

If a jeweler offers only hand or mechanical caving, they will have real restrictions on how narrow of a band they can engrave onto because of the limitations of the machine or the jeweler themselves. 

Another question you might have is whether rings can have a message engraved on the outside versus the traditional inside engraving. 

Typically, engraving done on the outside of the ring will be a design or indented lines, and it will already be done before you chose the ring. However, sometimes people request to have a message engraved into the outside of their ring bands. If you want to do this, you should be aware that: 

  • Some jewelers will only engrave messages onto the inside of the ring
  • Engravings on the outside of the ring can wear faster
  • They need to be done on a smooth surface

Here is a video that shows an overview of a laser engraving machine, and the process of engraving both the inside and outside of a ring:  

In this short video, you can see: 

  • What a laser engraving machine looks like
  • The process of engraving the ring
  • The finished product with both inside and outside engravings

Some jewelers might advise against engraving the outside of a ring just because it may wear down faster because it is more exposed. Regardless, if you take care of your ring, an outer engraving can last for a decent amount of time. 

You can check out our selection of engravable Gun Metal Grey Tungsten Rings and Black Tungsten Rings. While American Tungsten does not offer engraving themselves, it is quite easy to find a laser engraver near you for very affordable prices, as we will talk about later in this article.  

Ring Engraving Ideas for Your Husband or Boyfriend

Getting a ring engraved is a simple way to personalize something for your significant other. Whether you are picking out your future spouse’s wedding or engagement band, or you want to get your boyfriend a ring that is special or meaningful to your relationship, here are some inscription ideas that will help you think of the perfect engraving. 

Common Romantic Phrases

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? These sweet messages are popular for a reason. 

  • Forever yours
  • I love you
  • I love you more
  • Always
  • Eternity
  • You have my heart
  • One love
  • Je t’aime (I love you in French)

Song Lyrics

A short song lyric that either reminds you of your love or is from a song that represents your relationship can be a nice way to commemorate your time together. There are many older and very romantic songs that are fail-safe, but a more modern song you both love can feel even more personal. 

  • “All of me” (John Legend)
  • “My funny valentine” (Frank Sinatra)
  • “Can’t help falling in love” (Elvis Presley)
  • “Let’s stay together” (Al Green)
  • “You’re still the one” (Shania Twain)

Symbols, Characters, and Art

You will need to check with your jeweler or see what your engraver has available, but it should not be difficult to engrave a symbol of some sort, or a character from another language, onto your ring. With laser engraving, you may also be able to do something more personal like a small drawing. Some symbol options include:

  • Heart
  • Infinity symbol
  • A symbol for their favorite sports team
  • A music note
  • Zodiac symbol 
  • Monogram

Dates, Times, Coordinates

Numbers are a great way to add personalization to a ring without being overly sappy. Some ideas are: 

  • The date you met
  • Your wedding date (Also serves as a helpful reminder!)
  • The date their child was born 
  • The coordinates of a place that is special to them or your relationship
  • A time that is personal to your relationship


Nicknames or pet names can be a sweet thing to have engraved on your partner’s ring. It can be romantic or silly and will make them smile when they see it.

  • A pet name you call them
  • Their nickname amongst their friends
  • The name of their child
  • “Hubby” or “husband”

Other Personal Messages

There are endless other options for things you might want to get engraved on your husband or boyfriend’s ring! 

  • A saying they love
  • Something that you say to them often
  • An inside joke
  • A reminder you give them a lot (“call me when you get there!”)
  • Your name
  • A fingerprint – yours or your child’s 
  • A bible quote

Key Takeaways

Engraving can be a sweet and simple way to give your partner a ring that they will hold dear for many years. 

  • All ring band materials can be engraved, but some, like tungsten, can only be engraved by a laser
  • Rings over 3mm wide are the best to engrave
  • Not all jewelers offer engraving or the type of engraving you need
  • However, it is not hard to locate a jeweler or business that can engrave your ring
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