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What is the Average Price of Men’s Wedding Ring?

Picking out a men’s wedding band can be just as much fun as picking out a women’s band. While you might expect to see the classic simple bands, you will also quickly start to come across a multitude of other options and designs, from inlays to inset diamonds or zirconium. 

With all of the choices, you can start feeling unsure about how much you should be spending. You might have heard that a certain percentage of your wedding budget should go towards your rings, or that you should spend at least a full paycheck on your engagement band, but is there a clear rule to follow?

Men’s Wedding Rings cost on average between under $100 for low-end quality, $150-$300 for good quality, and $500-$1,000 for high-end wedding brands. Around $150-$300 is a sweet spot and most people spend that much on men’s wedding bands.

Many things can change how much you actually end up paying for a men’s wedding band. From band metal to special details, if you take some time to explore your options, you are bound to find the perfect ring for the perfect price. 

Men’s Simple Wedding Band Price

While some men’s wedding bands can be a bit less expensive than women’s wedding bands, the prices are often comparable, and often simple men’s bands will even run a bit more expensive than a simple women’s band of the same metal.

The price of men’s wedding bands depends largely on what they are made out of, the width of the band and any other details that make the band unique. 

MetalMen’s Band Average  Starting PriceWomen’s Band Average Starting Price
White Gold$225$120
Yellow Gold$250$150

With simple bands, you can see that sometimes women’s bands fall at a lower price point than men’s. 

Generally speaking, you will probably see that men’s wedding rings are made thicker than women’s wedding bands. This can contribute to the price difference, as you may be paying for more material with a men’s band than with a women’s. 

Width of a White Gold RingAverage Starting Price

As you can see, as the width of a simple white gold ring increases, so does the price. Women’s rings tend to start at a smaller width, allowing them to start at a lower price on average. 

So what is the average price for a simple men’s wedding band? 

According to an annual study funded by The Knot that surveyed 21,000 couples “The average male wedding band costs $510.” 

By comparing different metals, widths, and details you can easily find something less expensive – or up the price! 

This video talks about some of the different elements, like band width and metals, that go into a men’s wedding band. 

The video covers four main characteristics of men’s wedding bands:

Band Type

  • Classic – no stones or engravings, etc.
  • Carved – beveled edges, engravings
  • Diamond – any rings with diamonds or gemstones
  • Alternative – non-traditional metals used


  • Platinum
  • White gold
  • Titanium
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Silver

Ring Sizing and Width

  • Jeweler versus self-sizing
  • How to pick the correct width for you
  • 3.5-5mm considered narrow
  • 6-6.5mm considered average
  • 8-9mm considered wide

Fit and Shape

  • Standard traditional fit: flat inside
  • Rounded comfort fit: convex inside
  • Shape refers to the arc of the top of the ring, and ranges from flat to high domed

All of these things can ultimately affect the price. Knowing what you want can help you to establish a budget. 

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Average Prices of Different Finishes

There are a lot of different finishes that you might see on men’s wedding bands. They all offer something different aesthetically and come in at different price points. Not all finishes are available on every metal, but on white gold rings, you can see all of them represented. 

5-6mm White Gold Ring FinishesAverage Men’s Wedding Band Starting Price

There is a price difference between all of these finishes. However, as you can see, it’s not a huge difference. 

The most common finish you’re going to see is a polished finish. It is a bright and shiny but classic look that not only goes with everything but is the most affordable of all of the options. 

A matte ring will be a bit more subtle. Instead of being shiny, it will have a more dull but still very classy look. The price difference between polished and matte finishes is hardly anything, and both are common and affordable. 

Brushed finishes are similar to matte finishes. The main difference is that brushed finishes have a soft,  textured look. They come in reasonably higher than the matte finish. 

Lastly, we have hammered finishes. It is a very noticeable and unique finish that is created exactly how you would expect – with a hammer. Because of the extra time and attention it takes to create a hammered finish, this finish tends to run more expensive than any of the others. 

How Details in Men’s Wedding Bands Affect the Price

Men’s wedding bands can be simple, but they can also be very unique and fun! There are lots of exciting additions available, from diamonds to wood inlay to special designs. If you want to find a special wedding ring that fits with your personality and style, these extras might add to the price of your band – but can definitely be worth it. 

DetailAverage Additional Price
Wood inlay$50
Imitation meteorite inlay$40
Special metal designs $300

You can find a unique wedding band that is still affordable pretty easily, depending on you or your future husband’s style. Earthy and classy wood inlays, customizable engraving and even the diamond-like zirconium can all add a special element to your ring without breaking the bank. 

Other designs and details can be a bit more expensive. Rings with special designs like filigree, a type of detailed metal design, tend to run a bit more expensive than a classic, simple band. 

Unsurprisingly, men’s rings adorned with diamonds will often have the highest price tag, adding on upwards of $1500.    

Each of these details can add something special to your ring. Take a look at some of the highlights of each unique feature:


  • May be inset into the entire circumference of the ring or may have just a few placed equidistant from each other 
  • Different karats available, which can affect the price


  • A more affordable diamond dupe
  • Look like diamonds but are ethically produced in a lab
  • Generally, inset into the band in the same way that diamonds would be. 

Wood inlay 

  • Classy, earthy feel
  • Hardwoods like oak or walnut set into a metal band
  • Clear coating such as zirconium used to create a lasting ring

Imitation Meteorite Inlay

  • Unique and interesting look
  • Smooth finish over a design that mimics the rock look of a meteorite


  • Engraving can be done on most metal rings by a jeweler 
  • Can be customized to say anything you like
  • Done on the inside of the ring, and can be done in addition to many of the other details listed

Special designs

Most Bang for Your Buck in Men’s Wedding Band

Tungsten carbide rings are a great option if you are looking for something attractive and sturdy that won’t break the bank. If the $500-$1000 budget sounded like too much for you, take a look at some of the benefits of a tungsten ring. 

Tungsten rings: 

  • Are difficult to scratch or ding
  • Resist corrosion
  • Come in many different styles
  • Are very affordable

On average, a tungsten ring can be as low as $135, with some available for even less. 

They are a great choice for an affordable ring because the lower price does not necessarily mean lower quality. Tungsten carbide is an extremely dense metal that cannot easily be scratched or dinged even by a hammer (although they can break with the correct impact). 

Tungsten does not tarnish or rust, and bands come in many different styles and colors. 

Tungsten carbide rings often include a zirconium coating to add color and can be found with polished and brushed finishes, different inlay details, and even zirconium insets

Colored or Multi-Toned Men’s Tungsten Wedding Band Prices 

A fun option for a men’s wedding band is a trending colored or multi-toned tungsten ring. There are many colors available, including black, blue, brown, two-toned and tri-toned

Color of Tungsten RingPrice RangeAverage Price

Colored or multi-toned tungsten rings are eye-catching and affordable. Most averaging around $179, these trendy tungsten rings are made primarily with tungsten carbide and a colored coating. 

You can find rings that are either fully colored or have just a pop of color via a band around the outside of the ring or spanning the inside. American Tungsten offers black, blue and brown in addition to metal colors such as rose gold and gray. 

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Multi-toned rings offer stripes of various metal colors to create a unique, fashion-forward look. Mixed metal rings can be eye-catching, and are offered with combinations of rose gold and gray tungsten, sometimes with black tungsten as well. 

While these options are fun and can offer the opportunity for a truly personal wedding band, they do not add much onto the price of a more simple tungsten band. 

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Key Takeaways 

Searching for the perfect men’s wedding band can be a fun and rewarding experience! As you start shopping, you should keep in mind that: 

  • Average price of a simple men’s band is $800
  • Prices can change depending on metal type, finish, inlay and other details
  • Tungsten rings can be found for lower prices without sacrificing quality
  • To be on the safe side, save up between $500 – $1000 for the men’s wedding band

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