How to Choose a Men’s Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring for a man would on the surface seem to be no different than making the selection for the woman. However, there are differences that need to be considered so that the best choice can be made for the man in your life. The first consideration is whether he has worn rings in the past which will help determine his familiarity with making the decision for the engagement ring.

Here are five tips that will help you make the best selection for his engagement ring, something that he needs to be part of so that he will be satisfied with the results.


Arguably the first choice should be the shape of the ring itself. This should not be confused with adding a diamond to the engagement ring which does change its profile. Instead, this is usually about the overall shape of the ring that may range from thin to wide and the overall thickness and design. Knowing generally what you want in the shape of the ring will help determine the materials, surface, and other features.



As part of the consideration about shape, the next step is width. The overall size of the finger needs to play an important role in which ring is selected. For men who have short fingers, a thinner ring is recommended so that it does not make the fingers look stumpy in nature. Conversely, if the fingers are long and thin, then a wider ring will look more natural.


Type of Metal

Most wedding rings are crafted from platinum, palladium, or gold which also happen to be the most expensive. Alternatively, you could go with titanium, cobalt, or stainless-steel tungsten which offer better affordability and greater inherent strength and durability. Tungsten has grown in popularity over the years thanks to its durability, toughness, and inherent beauty as engagement ring material.


Shiny or Matte

The next decision is whether to go with a shiny surface or one that flat or matte in nature. There is also the choice of having a specific design or texture added to the surface that can help make the engagement ring unique and really stand out. Deciding whether it should offer a smooth or textured surface will help determine whether you want it to be shiny or matte in nature.


Accent of Design

The design accent is the final step in choosing the right ring. You’ll want to select one that fits his overall demeanor, style, and personality. While this may sound like a formidable task, you can make it easy based on whether he likes to wear rings or not. For the man who does not normally wear a ring, choose a simple, solid band that does not have any design. If he likes to wear rings or sport fancy clothing, then you can look for a design that matches his fashion sense.

Naturally, you’ll need to fit all this into a reasonable budget, so you may want to consider tungsten or similar metal that is durable, strong, and inexpensive.