Mens Jewelry Gift Ideas | Jewelry Types Anniversaries & Holidays

It was not long ago that men’s jewelry fashion consisted of his wedding band, class ring, a watch, and maybe cuff links depending on the shirt he wore. Today, there are a myriad of jewelry choices that are perfect for men while being in-style and complimenting his good looks. There are several jewelry ideas that you can choose from for his birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any day when you want him to feel special.

Of course, if your man does not wear jewelry at all, apart from his wedding band, then you can try the traditional items first such as a watch. A watch is practical, bold, and works with any wardrobe. Plus, you take away one of his excuses for forgetting the time when your dinner date is coming. However, many men already have the traditional watch and tie clip, so you will have to look elsewhere for something a bit more unusual.

Types of Men’s Jewelry Gift Ideas

What follows are three choices that may not be on your radar in selecting a gift for the man in your life. The good news is that each choice is affordable, durable, and something that fits his style whether he works in the office, with machinery, or whatever his profession may be.


It was not long ago that men wore necklaces all the time, but that trend seemed to have faded by the turn of the 21st century. Today, necklaces are back in vogue and many men will sport multiple necklaces made from various metals or leather cords that have pendants, dog tags, or other accessories. The good news is that you can personalize the pendants with his name, initials, or whatever suits his style. By making them unique, you can ensure he’ll be wearing them with pride.

Multiple Bracelets

It used to be that a man wearing multiple bracelets were associated with multiple tattoos, but today you’ll see men of all types wearing stacked bracelets as a fashion statement. Just look around you and there will be men of all types wearing at least one bracelet, but often several. From precious metal to leather and even fabric bracelets, sporting a stack of them makes for the perfect gift for the man in your life. You can also give them to him one at a time, so he can build up the stack naturally.

Tungsten Rings

Tungsten rings for men are relatively new as platinum or stainless steel have been popular choices before. Gunmetal ring, bracelets, and other items are crafted from material that is light, but harder than most precious metals. This makes them more durable and scratch-resistant while still maintaining their inherent appearance. From men’s wedding bands to decorative rings and even couple’s rings, choosing a ring crafted from tungsten makes for a unique statement. Check out the popular tungsten carbon fiber ring to see why they’re popular among men’s jewelry.

Choosing the right jewelry gift idea for the man in your life can be made easier when you select from fine pieces that compliment his style. From tungsten rings to pendants and more, there are plenty of great, unique gift ideas that you can choose.

If you are looking for the perfect gift, there are many types of jewelry you can choose from which is perfect for that special someone in your life. From earrings for women to tungsten rings for men, there are many types of jewelry available which make the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or any day when you want to make your significant other feel special.

A personalized pendant makes the perfect statement of love and is great for birthdays or anniversaries. A little pendant that is personalized can go a long way towards expressing your love and devotion. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive and will go with most outfits.

Couples Rings:
Just because you already have your wedding rings does not mean that it stops there. You can order a set of beautiful couple’s rings that are perfect for anniversaries. Women’s and Men’s wedding bands that match is beautiful and not all that expensive considering the cost of typical rings for weddings or engagements.

Fancy Holder:
If you are looking for a jewelry gift idea that is different for her, then a fancy holder that goes on the keychain is the perfect selection. It makes the perfect anniversary gift, especially for those who want that little something extra in what they carry every day. She can now enjoy flaunting her purse with a little French touch of fashion.

Leather Bracelet:
If there is one piece of jewelry that is not often seen on men, it is the bracelet. However, a leather bracelet is something that all men can appreciate. Crafted from fine leather and comfortable to the skin, you can personalize the bracelet in all sorts of ways that will make them unique.

Bar Necklaces:
The horizontal bar necklace is certainly in-style today and you see them on celebrities seemingly everywhere and for good reason. A bar necklace can be easily personalized to make the perfect birthday or anniversary gift. Plus, their sleek, modern appearance compliments any outfit. If you are looking for a modern jewelry gift idea, go no further than the bar necklaces which are always in-style.

Neck Tie Pin:
When in doubt, get your man a neck tie pin as they never go out of style. In addition to always being useful, you can personalize the neck tie pin with many different designs or statements that make them unique. From sharing an in-joke to a statement of love, the neck tie pin is the perfect gift for any man.

Tungsten Rings:
Tungsten rings for men and women make the perfect alternative to gold or silver. Tungsten is a much harder and more durable metal that requires little maintenance as it shines year after year. In addition to traditional men’s wedding bands, rings made of tungsten are the perfect accent to most outfits and provide that special touch which makes the perfect birthday gift.
If you are looking for the right birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s or any day when you want to bring a smile to your significant other, then there are plenty of great jewelry gift ideas that you can choose.

Gift Ideas for Him: Anniversary

It seems to happen every year with millions of people looking for the perfect anniversary gift for the men in their lives. The good news is that you have a myriad of great Anniversary Gifts for Him, especially if you choose from the many jewelry items that are available. From tungsten rings to bracelets and more, you can find the right gift that will please your man.

Tie Clip

While ties go along with socks as the most overused gifts for men, a tie clip is something special. This is because a tie clip can be worn every time he sports a tie. Plus, you can personalize it with his name, initials, or anything that makes it unique. A tie clip is not just stylish, it’s practical as well which is why it makes the perfect gift for a man.


Arguably the most traditional piece of men’s jewelry, you can choose from a great selection of watches that he will wear with pride. From old-fashioned time pieces to sleek, modern designs, you can match the watch to his taste and the result will be a watch he will be proud to wear. Plus, since you know he has a high-quality watch on his wrist, he has one less excuse to be late for your dinner date.

Metal Bracelet

If your man has a watch or doesn’t like watches, a metal bracelet may be in order. Bracelets are not often associated with men, but there are many styles from which you can choose. Plus, you can also choose the metal from which it is made, such as gold, platinum, stainless steel, or tungsten carbide. Each of these metals can be engraved or sport designs that compliment his style and appearance.

Personalized Pendant

If he has a ring, bracelet, or watch, you may try a personalized pendant which is always in-style. The good news is that you can choose from a myriad of necklaces and pendants that match his wardrobe and style while not sacrificing quality. You can personalize it with his name, initials, birthdate, or any statement that you think is appropriate. You’d be surprised just how much he’ll like a personalized pendant that is unique to his style.

Tungsten Rings for Men

There is something about black tungsten rings that attracts both men and women, probably because the metal itself is harder and easier to take care of compared to silver or gold. However, they also look great and make the perfect alternative for those who want something bold and different in their rings. From men’s wedding bands to couple’s rings and more, you can find the right tungsten ring for your man and make him feel proud.

There are so many gift ideas for the man in your life, especially if you choose from the many pieces of jewelry that is available. From birthdays to anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and more, you can find the right piece of jewelry for your man at the right price.

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Holiday Gift Ideas For Men

When the holiday season arrives, it may seem difficult at first to think of the perfect gift for your man. It’s not that unusual as millions of people around the world are having the same conundrum. The good news is that there are plenty of great gift ideas for men during the holiday season. From tungsten rings to dog tags to more traditional items, there are plenty of gift ideas out there made just for him.

First, you will need to narrow the choices down by focusing on his style. This means answering the following questions;

  • Where does he work?
  • What clothes does he normally wear?
  • How does his father, brothers, and friends dress?

That provides an excellent place to start in finding the right gift that will not clash with his style. Plus, he’ll feel more comfortable knowing that your gift fits in with his group. Now you can focus on finding the right gift that he will love and appreciate. Here are a few suggestions for jewelry gifts that provides a start.

Dog Tags

These are the old-fashioned military tags, nicknamed dog tags, that were around for many decades until recently replaced by digital chips. Still, they are quite stylish and can be personalized with his name, birthdate, initials, or whatever you want to engrave. Plus, they can be enhanced with gemstones or gem inlays that make them even more bold and unique.

Money Clips

Another item that is coming back into vogue is the money clip. They can be used to hold cash and credit cards while avoiding the bulk of an old-fashioned wallet. Plus, money clips are sleek and can be personalized with his name, initials, or whatever you want to place on it.

Cuff Links

While a seemingly old-fashioned choice, they are coming back into style thanks to the popular French-cuff shirts. They add that touch of class without being overwhelming. Plus, they can be inexpensive or loaded with gemstones, your choice. A pair of cuff links is also perfect addition for when he wants to dress up which means they provide a unique signature when he’s on the town.

Key Ring

Why settle for a simple key ring when you can provide him one that sports an elegant style? After all, key rings should not be alike, and it will make it simpler for him to find what is his when left out. Plus, you can augment the key ring will all sorts of items that can be customized to his liking.

Tungsten Rings

Tungsten has become one of the more popular metals used in jewelry, particularly rings. Tungsten rings are highly popular cool rings for men because the metal is lightweight, yet harder than most precious metals while not being as expensive. This means that men’s wedding bands crafted from tungsten only require minimal maintenance to stay looking good.

If you are searching for the right gift for your man during the holidays, jewelry is always a great choice. It is simple, long-lasting, and will be appreciated well beyond the holiday season.