Men’s Jewelry Guide

While there are some men who sport jewelry like ornaments on a Christmas tree, most men tend to wear little, if any jewelry at all. Apart from wedding bands, Titanium Rings, and watches, most men tend to shy away from wearing jewelry if only because they are not familiar with how to accessorize it with their clothing and style.

The good news for men who have been thinking about wearing more jewelry but are not sure how to properly accessorize is that you can start small, such as wearing a tungsten ring for example, and work your way up to a level where you are comfortable. Remember, the goal of wearing jewelry is that it should catch the eye by highlighting your appearance, such as a tungsten ring for example, and not be overwhelming.


While the wristwatch is a type of bracelet, you should think about adding something else to complement it, such as a metal, leather, or beaded bracelet. Subdued colors work best, especially with solid colored clothing. You can also go a little fancier and bracket your watch with bracelets made of different materials.


This is one that confuses many men because they often choose to wear a necklace without thinking about how it complements their clothing. A simple chain necklace with a pendant can do wonders to highlight your shirt, even a t-shirt. For 2018, the style is to wear a simple, sleek necklace or two that sports a small pendant.


Rings are not just for married men or those who fancy themselves as old-time mob bosses. Rings have become quite popular over the past few years, especially classic rings made from durable metals such as gold, silver, and tungsten. Along with the venerable brown tungsten ring, sterling silver is also popular because of its classic appearance and low maintenance.


In some ways, wrist watches have been on the decline generally because smartphones and cell phone keep accurate time. However, a classic timepiece like a high-quality wristwatch never goes out of style. For 2018, simple and sleek are the keywords to finding the right wristwatch to complement your style. The good news is that there are many affordable designs that offer minimal aesthetics which works when you are out on the town, attending an important event, or just lounging around the home.


Cufflinks have the distinction of being one of the few items of jewelry that should call attention to itself. Perhaps because its found at the end of the sleeve, but cufflinks that sport unusual or distinctive shapes, animals, or logos can really enhance your appearance because and not in spite of their uniqueness.

For 2018, the overall guide for men who want to start wearing more Unique Tungsten Rings is start small and work your way to a comfortable level that augments your appearance without distracting from what you are wearing.


In addition to the general jewelry items, there are also accessories such a tie clips, cufflinks, and the like that complement your suit. Tie clips should be subtle, yet distinctive so they help enhance the effect of your tie. Colors such as rose gold, pink, and blue are excellent choices.