Mens Rose Gold Wedding Band | Complete Guide

Are you shopping for a rose gold mens wedding band?  You’ve probably taken some time to get a feel for style and preferences, but have you considered the idea of the metal?  Most couples go for silver or gold, but there are more options to consider.  A modern option that is quickly growing in popularity for all of the right reasons is rose gold.  It’s available in a series of styles and it could just be what you’re looking for.

The features of rose gold

Rose gold can vary in color depending on the amount of yellow gold, copper and silver that goes into creating this special alloy.  This is probably why you can see colors vary when you search for rose gold jewelry online.  Allow us to help you out.

  • 18k rose gold plating: Our rose gold mens wedding band have an 18k plating which means that you’ll have less copper hues and more yellow gold hues. It’s different enough from the regular pure metal gold to attract the eye and is still classic enough to show off your sense of style.
  • Considered a romantic metal: Since it’s naturally got a pink hue, rose gold jewelry is considered a romantic metal. This is nice to think about when picking out wedding bands!

The benefits of rose gold rings for him

When you are looking at helping him enjoy a rose gold mens wedding band but aren’t entirely sure of its benefits opposed to traditional silver of yellow gold, here are some perks.

  • Compliments skin tone: Rose gold will compliment any and every skin tone and it often will give a warmer glow to the ring as well, regardless of skin tone.
  • Durable: Rose gold is durable because it is blended with other metals to create an alloy that will protect your ring from degradation and scratching over time. Precisely what you want in a wedding band.
  • Affordable: Rose gold plated rings are also more affordable than other metal types because they are naturally a blended mental as opposed to a pure one, which costs more.

What to look for in a rise gold mens wedding band

When you want to pick out the right rose gold ring, here are some tips to help you. 

  • A style that feels like you: You can find a series of wedding bands with rose gold plating so don’t feel that you have to go with the standard option. You can enjoy the personalization you want to make your wedding band reflect your personality.
  • Color combinations: You can have several options for color combinations if you like. For instance, we have a most popular color combination of black and rose gold mens ring as well as a classic popular white and rose gold mens wedding band and more. Don’t want the classic single tone option?  Check out our collection of rose gold two tone mens wedding band.