Know The Meaning of Ring on Each Finger

The symbolism that goes with wearing wedding rings or rings of any type for that matter is one that goes back many thousands of years. Even pre-civilization cultures wore adornments such as rings that had a potent symbolic value, some of which has been carried down through the centuries to today.

In addition, how people view rings will often depend on where they are from, meaning that in America many people have the view that only wedding rings should be worn while many in Eastern Europe will have a ring for each finger. The cultural differences are quite striking, which is why there is so much in terms of symbolism in wearing rings.


The symbolism of rings often starts with wealth and power. After all, until the past century most people around the world lived in poverty, unable to afford rings even for marriage. Only the well-to-do and the powerful were seen wearing rings. This is why there is a potent symbolism that is found with the adornment that rings provide because they are associated with power, status, and alliance.

Depending on the culture, rings have taken on meanings that symbolize many things depending on the type of ring that is worn. Tungsten wedding bands symbolizes the love, commitment, and dedication that each partner has for the other. A class or fraternal ring symbolizes association, friendship, and loyalty. However, rings that have no obvious connection to someone else or some other organization have meanings that are more individualized.

For example, a simple, plain ring on the pinky may symbolize power, wealth, or confidence depending on the individual. That is important because who is wearing the ring will influence the type of symbolism present when it is on the finger.

But not just any finger. In fact, the finger where you place the ring has meaning as well, passed down through the generations. You often make a bolder statement by the placement of the ring rather than just the ring itself. To understand just how the placement makes a difference, it is important to know just what each finger means in terms of its symbolism.

Which finger does my ring go on?

Rings of all types, including wedding rings, have a long history of symbolism that means what you wear will send messages to those who see the rings. On what finger you put the ring on will also say a lot about your own sensibilities.

fingers of your hand


Thumb ring is uncommon compared to other fingers. Although the shape and use of the thumb may make it less practical for wearing rings, thumb ring meaning is for those who want to exude power and wealth. Most often, a ring on the thumb is found when there are rings on most, if not all the other fingers of the hand. The thumb ring meaning can be straight forward symbolizing friendship and interaction with others.

Index Finger:

The index finger is a prominent place to put a ring, and a ring on index finger meaning it is for those who want others to see the ring they are wearing. In many cultures, the index is the finger of choice for non-wedding rings such as family, fraternal, membership, or class rings. In this manner, ring on index finger meaning can be a part of a specific group, friendship, or family of which you are quite proud.

In addition, the index is perfect for rings that are meant to be seen often and actually aid in making more emphatic gestures that will be noticed. This is because the index finger is the one most often used to point or gesture, so having a ring there makes the pointing more emphatic.

In addition, there is no long-standing cultural or religious association with pinky rings, which may be why they come in different styles from wide to thin, simple to diamond-encrusted, and so forth.

Middle Finger:

In most cultures, ring on middle finger is rarely worn, especially if it’s the only ring on the hand. Most people who do wear ring on middle finger are men and the designs tend to be simple, straightforward, and have little adornment. Men are the most associated with ring on middle finger, although since most cultures do not have a history with them, the symbolism they offer is unclear save for the fact that it seems to be a masculine choice.

In some cultures, the ring on middle finger is associated with Saturn, which means that many of the rings worn on that finger will be made from lead, steel, or related metal.

Ring Finger:

It’s called the ring finger for a good reason as it is the most likely to have it adorned with a ring. What is interesting is how the rings are meant for the ring finger and how it is perceived by others.

  • Both Hands: While engagement and wedding rings are most often seen on the ring finger of the left hand, they are acceptable for the right hand as well. The most popular rings has been black tungsten rings for men for quite some time in the past 10-20 years.
  • Physical: Perhaps because the right hand is the more used and physical is why the left hand often winds up with the engagement or wedding rings.
  • Culture: There are certain cultures that emphasize one hand over the other for the wearing of wedding rings.

The ring finger is often the default finger for those who are not married or engaged to wear a ring when they cannot decide if another finger is better suited. They will often wear a ring on the right-hand ring finger, so the left-hand ring finger is free for engagement and wedding bands just in case.


Many Americans may chuckle a bit when listing the pinky as one that is used to wear rings. This is because many films portray gangsters, hoodlums, and bad guys in general as sporting a pinky ring, but it is also commonly accepted for other reasons.

  • Character: pinky ring can be seen as symbols of character, strength, and making a statement
  • Detail: The pinky ring may be the flashiest and detailed of any ring a man may wear.