Types of Tungsten Rings

Classic Flat Bands: Flat tungsten bands can be pretty well-known as dome bands where the style is quite straight forward yet the shape is level to the finger, almost taking after a pipe cut. Flat bands normally come in widths as low as 2mm and go the distance to a 16mm. The same finishes apply to a flat band as the classic dome. Flat bands are as prominent for ladies as they are for men.

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Unique Carved Tungsten Rings: Carved tungsten rings are genuinely new to the tungsten ring business sector. There are two sorts of carved tungsten rings, raised carvings and traditional carvings. Raised carved tungsten rings have a layout that raises up off the surface while the traditional carving are more profound set in the surface of the ring. Carved formats will commonly be found on a flat tungsten band.

Tungsten Bands Burnished with Diamonds: Tungsten rings with diamonds and precious stones are still just made in very plain styles as a result of the toughness of the tungsten carbide metal. Diamonds and gemstones are polished flush into the surface of the ring set with a plain bezel. As of now little diamonds and gemstones are utilized so that the sturdiness of the ring is not been put to risk. Tungsten diamonds bands are prominent among men and ladies to use as a wedding ring.

Coloured Tungsten Wedding Rings: Coloured tungsten rings are regularly made in black and gold. The plating can be set onto both an excellent dome and flat band. The plating can likewise be plated to any width making coloured rings truly well known among both men and ladies. However being that the shading is just a plated after some time the ring is prone to scratching and fades at the surface. Most manufacturing bodies ought to have the capacity to replate this under a guarantee or for an ostensible charge.

Tungsten Rings are and an optional metal choice for those looking for a genuine kind ring that is tough and monetarily well-disposed to their wallets. Tungsten rings arrive in a vast assortment of styles that suit both men and ladies. To get a brief portrayal of the unique tungsten carbide ring styles please read the following.

Shell Tungsten Carbide Rings: Tungsten Carbide Rings with shell trims are genuine bands for both men and ladies. The shell trim comes in numerous colours and are inlayed into a ring in simply the right approach to include a substantial exhibit of light catching colours. Shell inlays can be a more delicate inlay so the shell is ordinarily ensured by a liquid crystal to keep up the integrity of the ring.

Celtic Rings: Celtic tungsten rings are typical wedding rings or fashion rings that ordinarily portrays love, bliss and life. The representation on the surface of the rings includes Celtic love knots, the Claddagh symbol and the Trinity symbol. Celtic rings are prominent for both men and ladies and are usually utilized as a remarkable wedding ring.

 Black Tungsten Bands: Black tungsten rings are popular bands that add a remarkable touch to the classic wedding or fashion ring. The black finishes that can be plated on a whole tungsten ring are only a segment to make the ring complimentary to each style. Black tungsten carbide rings are very sturdy, however are only plating. After some time the black may fade with wear repeatedly. Most companies can replate the black finish for a charge.

High Polished Rings: High polished tungsten wedding rings are a famous, for all intents and purposes scratch safe finish where the finish is ultra-intelligent and dynamic. High polished finishes surpass different finishes because of the coming of most ring styles. High polished rings are somewhat darker than conventional metals by 1-2 slight shades.

Mo Anam Cara Ring: The typical Mo Anam Cara band is a wonderful and nostalgic expression that signifies “My Soul Mate.” The Mo Anam Cara expression is well known to have been cut into tungsten carbide rings and adornments to symbolize an everlasting bond between two individuals. Mo Anam Cara rings make extraordinary wedding rings and promise rings to both men and ladies. Promise rings are additionally an awesome Valentine’s Day blessing thought to show profound respect for someone else.

Celtic Claddagh Tungsten Ring: The Celtic Claddagh Ring has a symbolic representation displaying an individual’s status in the direction the ring is worn. A ring worn on the left hand with the crown indicating far from the heart the individual wearing the ring is spoken for. Additionally, a ring worn on the left hand with the crown directing towards the heart references the individual wearing the ring is engaged. In the event that a ring is worn on the right hand with the crown confronting far from the heart the individual wearing the ring is looking for an association with someone else. Ultimately, if the ring is worn on the right hand with the crown confronting the heart references the individual wearing the ring is not into relationships.

Tungsten Rings with Abalone Shell Inlays: Abalone Shell is a well-known shell used to inlay into tungsten rings. The Abalone shell is interesting and lovely, highlighting numerous twirling colours comprising of blues, greens, purples, greys and now and again even a pearlescent shading. The decorations are dynamic and attractive and when matched with tungsten the two make an incredible mix of both a feminine nature and manliness. For this one reason alone make shell trims perfect to be worn as wedding rings. Being that shell is lightweight and more delicate than conventional inlays the inlay is put in the focal point of a tungsten ring and flushes with the surface. The inlay is additionally covered with a fluid gem giving it quality and sturdiness to make it ready to handle each day wear and tear.

Redwood and Ebony Wood Inlays: Redwood and Ebony Wood Inlays are mainstream for those needing a ring that numerous don’t have. With both redwood and Ebony wood the inlay is focused in the ring secured by a fluid crystal permitting the ring to hold up to any conditions. The redwood shading is a medium rosy colour though the Ebony is a dark brown to dark shade. Both colours will demonstrate the genuine wood grain despite the fact that it will be more obvious on the redwood plan. Wood inlays are extraordinarily made wedding rings and presents for fire-fighters, landscapers and nature admirers.

Cross Rings: Cross Rings connotes adoration and religious convictions. The cross can remain solitary on a tungsten wedding ring or go with different symbols, for example, the Claddagh sign or Celtic knot work. Crosses that remain solitary as the point of convergence of the ring are always classically amazing.

Celtic Tungsten Wedding Bands: Celtic tungsten bands are particularly popular with couples seeking matching wedding bands that will last a lifetime. Styles include the popular Claddagh ring, Irish love knot, the Triquetra and Celtic cross rings. The design can come in either a laser engraved or carved full of detail and symbolic meanings.

Black Tungsten Carbide: Black tungsten carbide is popular with younger couples or men that do not want a vibrant, shiny ring on their finger. Black tungsten is created by adding a plated zirconium finish to the surface of a tungsten ring. Black tungsten serves best for fashion purposes as the metal will scratch and fade over a long period of time whereas a standard tungsten finish will not do that.

Hammered Tungsten Carbide Bands: Hammered tungsten wedding rings are unique and eye-catching to whomever purchases the tungsten ring style. Hammered rings come in many ring widths and styles such as the popular dome shape, flat pipe cut design, a beveled edge and even a step down edge. The finish of the ring is commonly polished so the integrity of the ring will stay intact through the hand hammering. Due to the hand hammering each ring is unique and as beautiful as the next. The Hammered rings are popular for those that want to make a bold fashion statement.

Unique Inlays Tungsten Carbide Bands: Tungsten rings with inlays add a personality to the ring that is different from more traditional ring styles. Unique inlay rings consist of redwood and ebony wood inlays that bring a touch of nature to the ring. Abalone shell, black shell and white shell inlays that add a beauty to the ring acceptable for both men and women to wear. Carbon Fiber Inlays in silver and dark grey add a masculine touch to the ring that not many people will have. Lastly, ceramic inlays are ideal for those that are busy with their hands. Ceramic is an extremely durable material that is both light weight and hard to scratch or crack.

Satin Brushed Tungsten Wedding Bands: A satin brushed finish is a smooth finish that is matte in appearance. The finish has a soft brushed look and has a very limited reflection when light hits the ring. The Satin brush is ideal for those that want to wear a ring with it being a standout fashion piece. Satin brushed rings are popular for both men and women.

Sandstone Finishes: The sandstone finish is made to look like sandpaper however although the rough look it is completely smooth to touch. The Sandstone is a completely matte finish not reflecting light off of the surface. The sandstone is popular for those that want a more subdued look. Men particularly like the look of the sandstone finish due to it being more masculine.

Unique Florentine Finish: The Florentine finish is very similar to the finish of a sandstone ring where the rough to touch however it is not. The Florentine finish has brushed streaks that overlap one another giving a very unique look to the ring.