Why Tungsten is Trending for Men’s Wedding Bands

While traditional precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are still highly popular choices for men’s wedding bands, not only for their beauty, but their durability and hypoallergenic nature, tungsten has recently been trending upward as a superb alternative. Men have traditionally chosen wedding bands that are simple, timeless, and add a bit of style while being unconventional to make each one unique.

There are several different metals, apart from tungsten, that have been used in creating wedding bands such as ceramic, titanium, carbon meteorite, antler, dinosaur bone, and even wood. However, there are good reasons why tungsten is becoming a more popular choice with men, starting with that unique factor that is an important part of their selection process. However, there are other reasons why this metal is getting more attention.

1. Durable

Tungsten is not only a beautiful metal for men’s wedding bands, it’s also quite practical thanks to its remarkable durability. Tungsten is considerably heat-resistant and harder than most precious metals which makes it useful for industrial purposes, but also for jewelry when more carbon is added. The additional carbon makes tungsten easier to shape while still retaining its remarkable durability. Considering that gold and silver tend to lose their shape because of their malleable nature, tungsten offers greater longevity and scratch-resistance as well.

2. Versatility

Although tungsten is a far harder metal compared to gold or silver, when nickel is added it can be made into a wide variety of shapes. This is because the carbon added to tungsten needs a binder to help make it more malleable and nickel is the answer. This means that you can customize your tungsten wedding band with the shape and design that you want and not worry that it will fade over time. Nickel is recommended over cobalt because the latter can cause skin allergies.

3. Inexpensive

While tungsten is not cheap, it is far less expensive compared to precious metals. This is because of its plentiful supply and industrial uses which make it a more common metal. However, it does have remarkable features that have recently been discovered in the jewelry industry that makes tungsten quite desirable for wedding bands. In addition, the fact that a good tungsten wedding band costs a fraction compared to gold and will not tarnish or scratch over its lifetime makes it quite attractive for those who are looking for an alternative to precious metals.

4. Guaranteed

Because tungsten can survive a wide range of conditions without scratching or deforming, wedding bands that are made from this substance are backed with a lifetime guarantee. While tungsten may seem impervious, it is more brittle compared to its precious metal counterparts and may crack when exposed to extreme pressure, although such occurrences are rare.

There is little doubt that tungsten carbide will continue to grow in popularity for men’s wedding bands thanks to its many attributes. It’s tough, durable, long-lasting, and malleable enough to customize into many different designs. For men who are looking for a different material to make their wedding band, tungsten is trending as a very popular choice.