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Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band

If you are looking for a high quality men’s wedding band that looks stylish without sacrificing durability, then you should look into a rose gold mens wedding band. Mens rose gold wedding bands have a modern look that works well with almost any type of style. The following guide will help you learn more about rose gold wedding bands, how to choose the right materials and finishes for your needs, and where you can buy them.

What is Rose Gold Jewelry?

Rose gold jewelry is made with rose gold material. Rose gold is not a natural material but is instead made using a synthetic process which creates a unique alloy; this alloy is a mixture of copper, natural yellow gold, and occasionally other metals such as zinc or silver.

 Rose gold wedding bands can range in color and shade depending on the colors of the metals used to create the original alloy. For example, a lighter rose gold wedding band will be made with brighter yellow gold and a small amount of copper, whereas a darker rose gold band will contain a higher amount of copper.

Rose gold jewelry can be used to create everything from simple wedding bands to bands with gemstones or other accents. For men, the most common rose gold wedding bands are pure rose gold bands and rose gold bands with other materials used as an accent.

Rose Gold Tungsten Rings

One of the most common varieties of men’s rose gold wedding band is a rose gold tungsten rings. Rose gold tungsten rings are made with a combination of rose gold and tungsten material. This creates a highly unique black and rose gold coloration which looks fashionable without forsaking practicality or durability.

Tungsten is a naturally durable material, which is why it is highly popular with men’s wedding bands, as it can withstand everyday wear and tear with use. In addition to its durability, tungsten rings are popular due to their stylish appearance.

Best Karat Options for Rose Gold Wedding Bands

The gold used in rose gold can range in karat size. The highest available karat size that will work with rose gold is 22k, also known as crown gold; however, this is not recommended for use with men's wedding bands as it is soft and is more prone to damage.

The best options for men's wedding bands are 18k, 14k, 10k and 9k. While most karat measurements can be used to create a range of rose gold colors, some are better than others; for instance, 14k rose gold is best if you want a dark rose gold or light rose gold, whereas 10k rose gold is best for light pink to a copper red rose gold. To offer the same brilliant look of rose gold with affordable prices, all of our rose gold is plated with 18k rose gold color. If you are looking a deep rose-like red, then 9k gold is a good option.

Best Color Options for Rose Gold Wedding Bands

There are many different color options for rose gold wedding bands. The most common color combinations are white and rose gold and black and rose gold; with tungsten material being the most commonly used material to create the black and rose gold combination. Another element to consider when choosing a color option for a rose gold wedding band is the rose gold color itself. Lighter rose gold lends itself well to combinations with lighter materials, such as white, light yellow, and natural light brown. Darker rose gold lends itself well to combinations with darker materials, such as black tungsten and other dark colors. For men, black and rose gold wedding bands are considered the best for their durability and their elegant yet masculine appearance.

Types of Finishes

Another factor to consider when shopping for rose gold wedding bands is the type of finish. There are several different finish options available with rose gold men’s wedding bands. Tungsten is a popular finish for its durability and stylish appearance, but other finishes include silver, copper, and various alloy materials; in some cases, an enamel finish may be used for unique and vibrant colors, such as bright blue or bright red.

What type of finish you choose will depend on your personal preference, budget, and the durability you are looking for with your ring. If you are looking for something sophisticated, stylish and durable, then a tungsten finish is the best option.

Rose Gold Ring Shopping Guide

In order to find the best quality men’s rose gold wedding band that suits your needs, you will need to consider a few things. The following shopping guide will help you keep the most important factors in mind as you search for the perfect wedding band.


What is your budget? The more karats the rose gold, the higher the price will typically be. You must also consider the expense of the finish. Pure, high quality finishes such as tungsten will need to be factored into your budget.

American Tungsten’s Rose Gold Collection

There are many options for buying men’s rose gold wedding bands. We offer a wide variety of options for style, budget, size and much more. Once of our most unique style is our Rose Gold mens wedding band with diamonds, exclusive from American Tungsten. One of the most popular options for men’s rose gold wedding bands is our dome style Black and Rose Gold mens wedding band which is in wedding and fashion trend.

Men’s rose gold wedding bands are a popular choice for men who want something stylish, durable and masculine without being boring or plain. If you plan on buying a men’s rose gold wedding band in the near future, visit our Rose Gold Tungsten Rings section.

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