Compare Mens Wedding Band Metal

Mens Wedding Band Metals Comparison is more than just a purchase, it is an investment that you will make which will last a lifetime. That’s why for men and women, there are more considerations to make than simply the aesthetic quality of the wedding band itself. What looks good today may not last long into tomorrow unless you take in all considerations before coming to a decision.

For men’s wedding bands, one of the most important considerations is the metal from which it is made. While most men associate gold tungsten wedding bands, there are several other mens wedding band metal that you should consider before making your final decision.


This is a non-metal material that is gaining favor as men’s wedding bands because of its unique appearance. Ceramic can be made with many different colors, is scratch-resistant, and light. It’s also one of the most affordable you can find on the market.

The downside is that ceramic tends to be brittle, so a solid impact can crack and even shatter the ring. Plus, it cannot be resized.


At first, cobalt seems like the perfect mens wedding band metal because it is quite strong, durable, and lightweight. It also resembles white gold but does not have to be plated again. Its durability and scratch-resistance are considerable, although under certain circumstances it can be scratched.

A big downside is that the metal is not hypoallergenic especially when mixed with nickel. Plus, there are only a certain number of styles available.  


Easily the most popular and recognized mens wedding band metal, gold is also a precious metal that comes in different finishes. From yellow gold to rose gold to white gold, you can find different shades of gold that match your style. Plus, being a softer metal, gold is easy to resize. If you choose one of the higher karats of gold, then it provides more luster along with greater resistance to tarnishing.

However, there are some downsides to gold starting with the expense. You are going to pay quite a bit more for gold in contrast to most other mens wedding band metals comparison. Plus, white gold will need to be re-plated every so often which makes it even more expensive. Add to that gold scratches fairly easily and you have some considerable downsides when choosing this mens wedding band metal.


This is a metal that looks like platinum and is often confused for that metal. However, it is not nearly as expensive, is harder, does not tarnish, and is hypoallergenic that makes it the perfect choice for those who have sensitive skin. It’s also rather lightweight and comfortable to wear which again makes it a great choice for many men.

The only downside is that while palladium is not that expensive, it is rather rare which makes it difficult to find. You will not get palladium in the number of styles that gold or platinum offers. Plus, it does scratch more readily than platinum, so you will have to take greater care when wearing this metal.  


Another precious mens wedding band metal like gold, platinum has grown in popularity in recent years because it is a strong material that does not tarnish. Plus, it is hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. A little care every now and then and platinum wedding bands will last forever.

However, the big downside is that platinum is twice as expensive as gold which is already one of the most expensive metals on the market.

Stainless Steel

While most people associate stainless steel with silverware, there are good reasons why this metal is quite popular for wedding bands. What is well-known about stainless steel is that it is difficult to scratch, resists tarnishing, and is rather light while being strong. It’s also hypoallergenic which means that those with sensitive skin can wear it without causes discoloration or rashes. But perhaps the best reason to consider stainless steel is the price which is one of the most affordable in all mens wedding band metals comparison.

The big downside is that stainless steel is difficult, if not impossible to resize. But given its affordability replacing it is not too bad. Also, chlorine can damage stainless steel, so you’ll want to take it off before jumping in the pool.


Most people associate titanium with industries such as aircraft manufacturing, but this metal has grown in popularity as a men’s wedding band for a number of reasons. Titanium is the hardest of all the natural metals used for wedding bands. It is lightweight, strong, durable, and scratch-resistant which is perfect for men who use their hands a lot on the job. It’s also resistant to tarnish which makes it easy to care and maintain. Add to titanium being more affordable in other mens wedding band metals comparison such as gold or platinum and you have the seemingly perfect metal.

If there is a downside, it is that the very hardness of titanium makes it difficult, if not impossible to resize. That means if your finger grows or shrinks over the years, you’ll probably have to purchase a new wedding band.

Tungsten Carbide

Of all the mens wedding band metal that have become more popular in the use of wedding bands, tungsten carbide is probably the most well-known. That is because this metal is arguably the hardest available, even greater than titanium. It is quite scratch-resistant and also resists tarnish as well which makes it easy to keep up its luster. For men who work with their hands, this may be the perfect metal for a wedding band. It also helps that it is one of the most affordable that you can find.

There are a few downsides as the very hardness of tungsten carbide makes it more brittle compared to titanium. While it is still tough to break, it’s possible under the right circumstances. It is also impossible to re-size and is heavier than titanium which may make it less comfortable to wear. 

There are plenty of mens wedding band metal to choose from when considering men’s wedding bands. Remember to check with your jeweler to see what is available in terms of styles and colors that best suits your needs.

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