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Celtic Ring

Of the many designs that have enchanted people over the year, Celtic symbols are some of the most interesting and popular. The Celtic people have influenced many cultures with their unique language, symbols, and designs. And this translates to Celtic rings which have sparked a renewed interest in recent years.

But what is the history of the Celtic people, the unique language and symbols they provide to the world. And how does that translate to find jewelry?

Celtic Ring Tradition

The Celtic people are most associated with Scotland and Ireland. For many centuries, these people who mostly lived along the coast developed a unique written language that offers many beautiful symbols and designs which have influenced fashion and jewelry around the world.

This is certainly true of Celtic rings which have become quite popular in recent years. The history of Celtic rings dates back several centuries when these peoples managed to obtain gold and other precious metals and fashioned them into common pieces of jewelry.

Rings were of important status within the Celtic people. They denoted the bonds of marriage, but were also symbols of a clan, family, or promise that was kept between people. Today, these promises are still being kept thanks to the development of Celtic promise rings along with engagement, wedding, and other meanings.

It was not long ago that Celtic rings were mostly found in Ireland. Today, with the popularity of such rings reaching world-wide status, they can be found in jewelry stores around the world which include online jewelers. With interest in Celtic culture rising, it is not surprising to see more people delving into the rich history of the Celtic people.

But it is the overall design that has introduced people to the Celtic culture. But the actual designs themselves remain quite remarkable and well-preserved with used in Celtic Rings.  

Celtic Promise, Engagement, and Wedding Rings

Another common name for Celtic rings is Claddagh rings, which denotes the ancient Irish fishing village of Claddagh where such rings were first developed. Meaning, “flat, stony shore”, Claddagh rings were first made from gold. Along with the Celtic symbols, they often featured heart being presented by one hand from each partner.

A crown often sat over the heart and Celtic symbols that denoted love, friendship, and trust were inscribed on the ring as well. From the ancient tradition, a modern variation of the classic Celtic ring is the addition of a second heart that sits between the hands as well.

Plus, a new trend is the placement of a birthstone of the one that the person loves. Wearing each other’s birthstone in a Celtic engagement, promise, or wedding ring is a fascinating trend that adds to the beauty, luster, and symbolism that such rings provide.

It should be noted that Celtic rings are not limited to romantic couples. Many rings are given on Mother’s Day, for friendship, birthdays, graduations, and the like. They have become popular gift items as they are not only eye-catching but provide a symbol of love and friendship that will last a long time.

Along with the different symbols and designs have come different materials in which the rings are made. Precious metals such as silver and platinum have become quite popular along with more common, but durable metals such as tungsten. They represent an excellent alternative to the traditional gold rings. But it is the meanings of the symbols and how the rings are worn which have garnered considerable interest.  

Celtic Rings Meanings

Because of the symbolism involved, you do not just put on a Celtic ring. It has a specific meaning depending on its purpose.

Celtic Engagement Rings: For those who are engaged or married, the ring is on the ring finger of the left hand with the crown pointing towards the end of the finger. This shows the love and commitment to each other and not towards themselves.

Celtic Promise Rings: In this case, the ring is worn on the right hand also with the crown pointing towards the end of their finger. Most notably, the crown is not pointing towards their own heart for either engagement, wedding, or promise rings. 

However, if you see someone with the crown pointing towards their own heart, it symbolizes that they are not interested in pursuing a relationship. It is relatively rare to see that these days as it is far more likely that a person will simply not wear the ring at all. However, the symbolism still carries on in Celtic culture.

Of the several different metals that might be chosen to create Celtic dragon rings, one of the more interesting is tungsten.

Why Choose Tungsten Celtic Ring?

When choosing men’s Celtic wedding bands, engagement rings, or the like, tungsten has proven to be a popular metal. This is particularly true in recent years given its availability. Although pure tungsten is generally too fragile for rings, when it is mixed with a small amount of another metal or carbon, it provides it with much-needed durability.

With Celtic wedding rings for him, the use of tungsten provides a sense of power along with the beauty of the Celtic dragon designs. Tungsten offers many advantages which includes the following.

  • Durable
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Cost

It is the last reason that has brought many people to consider tungsten for purchasing Celtic dragon rings for couples and the like. Although tough, durable, and scratch-resistant, tungsten is also widely available which makes it easy on the pocketbook.

About the only downside to tungsten is that the metal is too hard to resize. This means that if your finger changes size over the years, it cannot be resized like softer metals such as gold. However, given the very low price of tungsten, purchasing a new set of tungsten Celtic wedding bands will still be quite inexpensive.

If you are looking for rings with Celtic symbols, such as Celtic engagement rings, promise rings, or wedding bands, then tungsten is the metal of choice. Your tungsten Celtic wedding bands will last for a very long time with little cleaning or maintenance needed.

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